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Mark Recovery Entry Program In Ms Brown's Absence


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I got the following automated response to an email to Deb.Brown@noaa.gov . "I'll be out of the office for an undetermined amount of time due to a serious family illness. deb"


Does this mean

1. she will see the email upon her return

2. that someone else will review it while she is gone

3. that it should be submitted to another address

4. that it should be resubmitted later


5. or other _______________?


B Bos

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ahhhhhh, but the real question is "When will the NGS database be updated?"


There are some recoveries I reported at the end of October and beginning of November that are still not updated on the NGS database.

Please remember that the NGS does not update their database on the basis of satisfying a regular dissemination of statistics for people playing a game.


As has been discussed, Deb Brown has needed some time away from the office, and Craig Larrimore, one of the Website IT people recently Passed Away. The latest data is the latest data and the primary users of the data are fine and will remain fine with what is until it gets updated. I have every confidence that things will be updated in good time.


The answer to your question is be patient. It will happen as soon as they get things sorted out. I am sure they are looking for someone who can do what Craig used to do, and that may be a higher priority right now.

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Oh, no, don't get me wrong! I'm in no hurry and I know about Deb being out of the office and how that stuff works (I also am a government employee).


Just weird to see the database not being updated. For a while earlier this year, it was only taking a week.


No problems..... no worries. I'm sure that the reports are piling up on someone's desk to be gone through.

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This is a "who cares" to those of you with hundreds of submissions, but I just found and submitted my first one in November, and it showed up this morning. Woo Hoo- 1st one to find NB0908 since 1942- I got it before the USPS did! I need to practice my comments and descriptions more, but it's a start. Thanks to Ms Brown from me too! :blink:

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Has anyone been in contact with Deb Brown lately?


I had e-mailed her a bunch of possible destroyed and/or "found in poor condition"s back on the 8th and haven't heard anything back yet.


Just wondering if my e-mails went through or if they went into the ether-space.



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They are going through as far as I have seen. She is working partly from home, as she is taking care of her father, who is very ill. I think she has scaled back her responses to only those that really need a response, such as where she doesn't agree with your assessment of the mark's condition or existence.


However, I just checked and discovered that a mark I submitted to her over a month ago has not been marked as destroyed. I plan on re-emailing her to see if she somehow missed it or if she is just that far behind on mark updates.


Either way, I know she has a lot going on at home, and if any of you feel so inclined you may keep her and her dad in your prayers during this difficult time for both of them. And be patient, please.

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I set tonight aside to try to cactch up with my logging, but I cannot get into Mark Recovery. Oh, well. They'll have to wait. I do notice that some of my recent recoveries are generic 'Recovery by Geocaching' without my initials, Oh, well.

One of these days, I'll get to by benchmarking contest backlogs...

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Interesting about the initials. I just checked the May loads for North Carolina. (The update was in the past two days.) My initials came through okay.


See note from Deb Brown in Benchmark Hunting forum for an update on her situation.



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I got an email from Deb about a submission. It was sent at 8:16 pm eastern time. She must be working hard on catching up.


Late tonight I see that my submissions from June 8 are done but not June 13 and after, except for some later destroyed reports.

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