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In The Bleak Mid Winter

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On the local radio though they are trying to get to a group of walkers that are stuck in a whiteout on Ben Macdui (where there is a cache) and the RAF have had to turn back their helicopter due to the high winds and conditions up there.

If the rescuers turn out to be Cairngorm Mountain Rescue? Then the owner of that said cache, may well be putting his life on the line to rescue them.

Yes it is my cache - they could of just phoned for the answer and saved us the job of going out for them.....:D:D:D

As far as risking lives, I wouldn't go out if I thought it was that dangerous - which it isn't.


Now back to something more serious - that Snowdoku puzzle. :D


Oh - and there's lots of snow here too.

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:D :D :D


To the Blues...


Woke up this morning,


Looked outa my winda,

Snow aaaall around,

Still a' fallin',

Fallin' on my head,

Not deep enough to stop me...

Gooooooing to work 'stead of back to bed.


So S.Wales * has snow this morning. Half an inch or so.


Edited to add:

* on the coast south of Cardiff to be more precise, and it's more like an inch or so now. I hear from a colleague that there's 6" around Bridgend, and 3" around Swansea!

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Here's South Devon this morning...

*SNAP* Martyn,


Great stuff... at last, we have snow that has settled as well! There was an inch or two on the ground, including the road, so it was interesting getting to the main road this morning to say the least. I bet it doesn't last though....

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Got up this morning - all is so quiet I wonder why?


Our next door neighbour has been out and sprinkled all the gardens, rooftops and bushes with flour. Well that's what he who knows best said, I rather think it's icing sugar, either way . . .


Cardiff has SNOW, wake the kids and go out to play - oh sorry the kids have all gone away to play in other places, let's hope they have snow otherwise we will GLOAT.


:D Mane

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I need gridlines to do this!! :lol:


X X 3 5 X 8 X 4 X

X 8 5 X 2 4 3 X X

7 X 4 X X X X X 8

8 5 9 6 4 2 1 3 7

6 3 2 9 1 7 4 8 5

4 7 1 8 3 5 6 2 9

X X 6 X X X 8 1 X

X 9 8 X X X X X X

X X 7 2 8 X X X 3


No snow to report in Royal Berkshire thus far - lovely blue sky and the sun is shining. :)

Do you mean like this? :(




No snow here in south Staffs either :( (minus 3 though :( )

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Snow here folks! (Swindon area)

What! I don't believe it.


It hardly ever snowed in the 7 years I lived there. I remember I used to think it was the epicentre of no weather - it could snow on the downs, snow in the costwolds and snow in Oxford but nothing in Swindon.


Bet it hasn't settled!

Guess what! The snow has settled and by the looks of it, we are about to get a bit more! :lol:


Like you say, it never snows in Swindon. However, 22 years ago it did snow big time. Wootton Bassett was cut off for 3 days, yet there was not a snow flake in sight in Swindon 3 miles away. The snow was here for 3 weeks in total. Please don't ask me to dig the photo's out, I really don't know where they are!

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