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How Much Do You Contribute?

Simply Paul

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Hearing talk of spurious threads makes me wonder who adds to them to keep them alive. Ignoring the pinned topics for a moment, there's 44 topics on this forum's front page, and according to the number of black dots in the blue (and red) envelopes on the left side of the screen, I've contributed to 11 of them (not including this thread) - I wonder, am I an average contributor, or am I having more or less of my 'fair share' of screen-space? What are your posting stats -by thread, not an overall figure?


If you feel the question is spurious (and perhaps you have a point there) then I won't feel bad if you don't add to this thread. :o



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I've contributed to 4. I must confess that I spend far to much time on the OT forum though... :o


I must just apologise for my outburst on the "naughty boy" thread, most people on this forum do appear to be genuinely friendly people and it galls me to see someone being so negative about it and it's contributors... :P

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Only 8 :P I am slipping


I do post way to much, but dont feel that its a crime :D


My first post on the forums was 11 sept 2003 about.......... yep, You guesed it Trigpoints :o:D


I am now the 45th highest poster overall and the highest UK poster.

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I joined GC.com on Sunday, February 13, 2005, just after Country File (yes Blame SP for that everyone!)


I found my first cache on the Sunday 10th April 2005


I made my first forum post was a series of 5 posts about a GSAK issue I was having May 7 2005, 10:27 AM to May 9 2005, 06:45 PM


That was it until Aug 25 2005, 09:02 AM, I got hooked!


And now have 584 postings to my name


OMG! I overuse this place

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14 for me (I've counted 2 locked ones which I think I'd replied to, but the locked logo covers the black dot).


Thanks to SP for revealing what the black dot means.


I personally think that this forum has (for me) the right balance of caching related chat and off-topic banter. Certainly sometimes there are a lot of OT postings, but I really don't think there would be as many contributors / readers if it was all serious, and people got told off for posting OT comments. That would reduce the number of people who bother to read it, which would reduce the number of people to reply when one has a problem.

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