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An Ammo Can You Don't Want To Hunt

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Authorities say if you see the box, do not touch it. Stay at least 15 feet away and call authorities. Anyone with information can call local authorities or the New Mexico Environmental Department's Emergency number


I wonder whether the next accidental geocache ammo can find in the area will result in a LE episode?

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The army-green container weighs 80 pounds, contains two 30-milliliter plastic vials labeled

“radioactive” and is about half full of a sand-like substance. If anyone sees an item matching this

description, they are asked to not touch or open it. Do not tamper with the ammo box or the plastic

vials. The safest course of action is to keep a distance of at least fifteen feet from the material and

immediately contact:


Now, is it just me, or is this a ridiculous statement... can we SEE that the container weighs 80 pounds? And if we aren't supposed to open it, can we know that it contains plastic vials or a sand-like substance? I'm just cracking up over this paragraph! ;)


Many Happy Returns!

Lori V.


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I guess if you did get to close to the radio active vials, it would make night caching alot easier. You could save money on flash light batteries, and use them in your GPSr instead.


The song with the lyrics " You light up my life." comes to mind.


"Wow, your brilliant!"


"You glow with an inner radiance."


"Watts your name?"


What are some others paople can think of?


Team Cabear

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However, antimony-124 is toxic and can cause skin ulcers and even be lethal if ingested.

Honestly, is that *really* a problem?


"Ooooh, strange-looking vials of undeterminable origin in a metal container I found on the side of the highway. Tasty!"



Saw a toothbrush in a cache the other day and had a similar thought.

Who's gonna stick that in their mouth? ;)


Any DEVO cachers out there? They are dressed for the job already. :)

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