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How About A Long Island Geocoin?

Team PEZ
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Hi all,


I am a native Long Islander, having lived in Coram for 25+ years. I was in the first graduating class of the new Longwood Senior High School back in 1989, and then after graduating college in 1993, taught at Longwood Middle School. My family still lives and works in the area. Although I live in Marietta, Georgia now, I visit New York often, and will always call Coram, my home.


I like the New York Geocaching coin that has recently been sold. Good job representing the State of New York. However, I would like to create a Long Island coin for those people that feel more of a connection to it.


That being said, here is a question to you all.


IF a Long Island Geocoin was to be produced, what would make it stand out and represent Long Island?


How about the Long Island Duck? Montauk Light House? The Hamptons? Water on both sides (Port Jeff and Patchogue?)


Let's here it, my fellow Lawn Guylanders!


Thanks for any or all ideas or views.


Any Questions, please send email to LiGeoCoinatGmaildotcom


-Team PEZ

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FYI. We weren't going to announce the coin just yet but since it came up I guess we'll leak some info. The design of the coin is about 99% complete. We've already commissioned the coin company that will produce them and set things up with Groundspeak. They will be trackable on GC.com. As soon as the design is complete and production begins we'll offer them for pre-sale. That should be within the next few days or so. The price of the coins have not been established yet but they will be on par with most other coins. I won't say much about the design except that they it is very unique.


If anyone has any questions feel free to read our forums or email: coinsATligeocaching.com.

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Yes, there are limited edition gold and silver coins. 100 gold, 200 silver. Only 1000 of these coins total will ever be minted. Check the Geocoin thread tomorrow morning. They go on sale to the general public at 9:00AM. LIGO Members had a small window of opportunity to pre-purchase them today. They started selling so fast we had to stop selling the gold and silver coins so we had some left for everyone else!

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