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Sites To See In New Zealand


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One of my bugs just took a side trip to New Zealand. Thought it might be fun if he could see some touristy stuff while he was there, I just have no idea what he might like to see.

This is Grover the Rover (aka Super Grover) whose main goal is to visit Waterloo Ontario, and get a Physics lesson there. So what would you want to go to see in New Zealand if you were Grover?

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every thing in NZ is nice. let it stay as long as possible......


as with all the former britich colonies, many location names and the 'style of urbanization' is very similar.....


google NZ yourself and see what you like....


then ther is always the LOTR tour..the whole country was used...


take it bungee jumping in queensland....


craters of the moon...




an all blacks game (or the christchurch crusaders)..


stewart island


i could go on.........................................................................

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Come and try some of my 40 odd caches on the North Shore of our biggest City Auckland. Home of the Sky Tower, from which you came do a bit of a Bungi Jump.

At 328 metres Sky Tower is the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere. Got a couple travel bugs made from Sky citys casino chips just released.


We have heaps of other caches in the bush and along the coastline and even up the mountains.


Keep a eye out for King Kong, as the movie was made here by Peter Jackson who also made Lord of the Rings.


New Zealand well worth a look.


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