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Organized Caching


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Ok, my spot in SA seems to be more secure (hat tip to UCT Dept of Environmental & Geographical Sciences for that. :anitongue: )


So I have been toying with the idea of getting a group of cachers together for an all day, all out cache hunt through the western cape. We could go at it and find a ton in the day, or take it easy and just enjoy the trip. Either way, I think it might be fun to get some people together and do some group searching.


Let me know who might be up for this. We can organize a day, time and all the details in this thread and then get out there and find some that people have just been putting off, or have been to far for a single person to go for alone.


Let me know. Could work or could not. Atleast we put the idea out there! :ph34r:


P.S. - We could start making a wish list and then narrow it down by route or whatever. Goofster and I have floated the idea of going north of Cape Town. but we could always go east as well.

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Um... We will be there... In Spirit at least.


We are hoping for a trip down to Cape Town/ Western Cape some time in the near future, but it will probably not be in time for the yet to be planned caching spree/ event cache. But, keep us informed.



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OK. B&F as usual had a great idea that I had overlooked. I will start doing some recon on a nice location to start off the 'event.' In the mean time I hope we can sort out a time frame.


I am going to the eastern cape for the holidays about a week before christmas, so would like to do it before then. Cownchicken mentioned after the silly season. Is that better for everyone, or before?


QFC - when are you coming around? Perhaps we can meet you.


Looked around and there seems to be about 10 caches in the Hermanus/Walker Bay area. I haven't done any of those. About 3-4 in the Paarl area. And about 8 in the Saldanha region, north of Atlantis. Those are groupings that I see around, figuring many people have cleaned up the city region. Could be wrong there. Penninsula?


OK, my thoughts for now. ;)

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Anything that starts off with 'tea and sticky buns' sounds good to me. Thanks to TV&M there are lots of caches in the Greyton area, also some up the West coast, and I'm planning to raid the area around Agulhas soon . . . but an organised team jaunt needn't involve that much driving.




Afterthought: Hermanus / Walker Bay sounds interesting . .

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I'm in. It would be nice to meet some cachers.

I'll be in Mpumalanga over December.

The Cape Town leg of my silly season is on till 16 January 2006. I'm in anytime the week before that. My vote is for Agulhas area -> less climbing = more caches. Plus few things beat a sunset over the atlantic (with something cold and someone warm) ;)

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Cool. Sounds like the interest is in the eastern part of the province. Hermanus/Agulhas areas. That may work well for meeting up with TVM in the area. Unless they have found all those caches already! ;)


Certain Discombob would be up for this adventure. I will send him a PM to verify.

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Ok, as it stands now, it is up to Goofster, Stefanoodle, Larks and myself to decide where we might to caching. I recieved word from B&F that they have other commitments that day that may well prevent them from joining in the hunt.


I noticed that there are four traditional caches that might be good for the day in Hout Bay. This would allow Stefanoodle to be back by 6pm. They are ..... Never mind, further investigation reveals that Stefanoodle and Goofster have found them. :lol:


OK, how is this for a suggestion. I have looked through the logs and nobody has that has mentioned coming has found these four caches in Somerset West area.


Dellrust Hardware Cache / Time for Tea / Helderberg Farm cache / Crafty cache


There is also a new one at the Spier called Christmas the whole year that is a multi-cache. I have found this one, but it is a nice one to revisit. :)


That would give 5 caches plus the event for the day, and it is not to far out of the city . So let me know what everyone thinks of this idea for caches.

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The Somerset-West/Helderberg area sounds like a good place to visit, it just seems like a place that we always go past and never actually get around to finding the caches there! (And i speak for myself)

It's also close enough for others if the have to be back early!


Thanks for putting in the effort so far vespaxvespa!

Let me know if there's anything i can do to help out!

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I have not done my homework, so I do not know which caches the other people have or have not done yet. I don't mind going even as far as Hermanus, as I have not done any caches there. But we could also perhaps do some around Stellenbosch and over to Franschhoek, coming back via Somerset West. That's also at least three beautiful mountain passes on the route. I'm not too fussy. I'm not trying to set any records for number of caches found in a day, so the journey part with a nice spot for breakfast or lunch, and a few caches thrown in for good measure, will suit me just fine.

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I'll go with the Helderberg / Somerset West caches. Not too far out so that we can't get back in time for other commitments (i'm scheduled to attend a party in the evening). And they look like nice ones, too.


Oh, and I'm lookng forward to finally meeting Stef - something we've been threatening to do for a while already... :rolleyes:

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Cool. Sounds like we have a plan for where to go. Larks mentioned consolidating cars for the trip, so that would be the more eco-friendly, rand-friendly thing to do.


Cownchicken - I haven't dissed your 4x4 idea, but you mentioned after the silly season. Perhaps, we can organize something afterwards to do it. Hopefully you didn't get annoyed with my posting the event before the holidays. :(


If there is time and the will, we can venture towards Stellenbosch and find the one in town and there are three along the jonker..... road just outside of town in the valley. Excuse my Afrikaans!


Until then.....cache on!

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I hate when my notifications from gc.com go awol, as they seemed to do since last week some time. I have redirected them to my gmail address and they seem to be coming through again. Who knows for how long, though. But back to the topic:


I notice Dellrust Hardware has gone awol as well, so we'll have to skip that unless it gets replaced before the end of next week. :ph34r:

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I'll take you up on that cache mobile ride again! I can navigate if you let me use your cig lighter again for power. I got a cachemobile myself finally, but need to get service done before I head out on a longish trip with it.


I contacted Dellrust Hardware and they told me it would not likely be up and going because of bad hiding spots in the area. We will have to pass on that one. Sorry.

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Hi Caches

Aly of Colinaly works for an adventure event organising company and would like to add a little something to your pot of caches in Somerset West. Dellrust Cache is missing and until we can find another spot out of the eyes of farm worker muggles, we are not going to replace this cache. :ph34r:


However, I am keen to set up a cache at the place where I work which will entail a spot of very controlled rock climbing, suitable for beginners, at an indoor rock climbing wall. You will receive all the gear needed, instruction etc, and I will arrange it that you only pay R10 per climb instead of R30. Is anyone interested in me setting this up and for you to include this on Saturday when the event cache happens?


Let me know,


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I don't have a printer, I usually hand write the clues that I need. Is onyone willing and able to print off the cache description pages for tomorrow? We also need to figure which caches will be found (note confidence in that statement! :anibad: ). There are three in the Somerset West area and then the christmas all year cache on the way to Stellenbosch.


Should we venture into town for the new multi that was placed there last week and get the jonkerhoek valley caches while there? Let me know so I can start writing......



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S 34° 04.985 E 018° 49.604

UTM: 34H E 299481 N 6226500


Hi guys

I have set up this cache for you, but unfortunately it hasn't been approved yet which is why it is not available. The co-ords are as above which will lead you to the closest entrance, just follow your nose from there! Please tell Eric or Richard on duty that you are geocachers, they know to expect you and to look after you! The cache is a small one, about a 500ml little bucket, so take smallish stuff if you want to exchange. Oh, and good luck... ;)

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I must say that this was a really fun outing. It was great to see some old faces and great to meet some new ones too - Stefanoodle and Larks, that means you! I really didn't think I was going to make Up, Up and Away but the ground support was truly fantastic. And I'm glad to see chicken made it up as well! Bear, you next? Thanks for the great company guys, you're all welcome in my cache-mobile any day. Now, about that CITO event we were discussing. . .



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The beaches between Melkbos & Big Bay leave a lot to be desired. That’s one idea for a CITO.


Sounds like we missed quiet an event this weekend, unfortunately the family felt we spent too much time Geocaching and not enough time with them. So to solve the problem we took them Geocaching in their home town :anitongue:

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An early breakfast followed by a CITO is a darned good idea. Raised the topic with Larks again this afternoon. Cape Point seems like a good place to do it, if we can get SANParks on board, get some publicity and raise awareness of the sport. On the coast around Tombstone Gulch maybe? In any event, I think this would be best done in February perhaps, once everyone is over the holiday mood.

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As many of you know, we are planning an event cache for the 4th feb. 2006.

We will be going to Mont Eco, optional to camp there the night.

We would like to get a rough idea of how many people would be interested and how many cachers with 4x4's would be prepared to help out those without 4 wheel drives.

Tricky Vicky & Mickey have already agreed to help out.

We are prepared to drive the course twice on the Saturday.

We would possibly need to book the campsite.

We were thinking of all meeting in Montagu pretty early (for some) in the morning, having breakfast, then tackling the 3 caches.

Let us know what you think.

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