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Where Abouts Are You From?

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We live in Elland, nr Halifax West Yorkshire.


Hazel was brought up in Timperley, Cheshire or Greater Manchester depending on you POV.


I was born in Leigh, Lancashire and have lived in Oakham, Leicester, South London, Timperley, Bradford and Nottingham before moving to Elland.


Having said that I'm rarely here as I work all over the world. So far: all over the UK, Italy, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Taiwan, Sweden & Germany.

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I was born in Oldham Lancashire


However apparently I now live in Oldham, Greater Manchester

Ooops I was only joking when I said that Tony


I live in Monton which is within the City of Salford, next to the younger city of Manchester (By about 650years)


I have also lived in York, Nottingham, and Purgatory


Milton (aka Moote)

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I now live in a little village called Longframlington (hence the name) nr. Morpeth in Northumberland.

This comes via, Cambridge,

Turnberry in Ayrshire,


Oundle nr. Peterborough,


New Forest,

Stamford nr. Peterborough,

Kettering Northants,


Dryburgh & Galashiels Scottish Borders,

Craigellachie Speyside

and finally back to Northumberland.

Hopefully this is where I'll stay.............

Unless ?

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Guy was born in Reading. Moved with his family to Paignton, Devon in 1974, (age 4). Janine was born in Paignton (1970). Met Guy when at sixth form college. Started 'going out'. Went to seperate universities (still 'went out' - I know, heard it all before!). Moved to Germany - (work) . Married (after 10 years) . Moved to West Sussex (work). Both moved in to house with cat. He doesn't want to move.

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I am from the nut house! or thats where some people around here think I come from! :lol:


Actually, I was born and worked in the City (London for those who may not know how to open a map!), untill I moved to Leicester for 3 months and then to Swindon area 28 years ago!


Gary was born in Aldershot then lived in Cyprus, Devon and then Swindon and surrounding area's.


Now we are retired I would love to move to outer space, and as far away from moaning old farts as possible! Somewhere like.... Oh! I don't know, but it must be warm!

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I'm now just outside Leominster in Herefordshire although the village itself isn't listed on the Geocacher's map so I'm placed the wrong side of the town.

Ahhhhh! and I thought Rome about 200BC


Bet Da Rubber Chicken can't pronounce Leominster correctly B) or even "Here ford shire" :lol::P:DB)

I wonder who invents these place names?


Hairy ford shire?

Leo minster or should that be lem minster?

What is that all about?

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