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The Big Bear Lake Thread


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JC, don't give C_A a hard time. I was like that when all the Star Wars movies came out. Then I had a kid. C_A must not have little ones. Just so you know, KK opens here in Big Bear that night. You can see it here, like I said, after dinner.

me too, did you go to the 12:01 showing of episode 3? lol I didnt i was sick as a dog or i would of went... Your right about one thing though i dont have little kids (16?) lol what time is the pizza party, I might go if you can convince me... lol :blink:

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I went caching up in Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear the first weekend in Dec. It was definitely cool and crisp out, and felt like winter was upon us, but boy did the trip make it feel like Christmas! Hot chocolate never tasted so good! :)


Wish I could have joined you all for pizza last night!



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Well, I have been here in San Francisco 3 weeks, it has rained everyday, only saw the sun twice, went caching two times, released one new Travel Bug and taught two newbies about geocaching. All in all, a great time, except for the rainy part...I'm heading home in a couple days and hope the snow waits til I get there. :D At least you don't have to shovel rain...See you soon...

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If you are still checking this site while you are here in Big Bear, try these restraunts: Ichiban, Mandoline, Bailey's Coffe House (for Sandwiches), Nottinghams, Peppercorn, Stillwells. Looking for greasy spoon? Try Thelma's. Stay clear of Paoli's!


Check the geocaches by me, Tandemaniacs. People love doing my Read the Sign cache. You have to think for that one. There are about 12 caches along the pedal path that runs on the north side of the lake. Start at the path trail head on Starvation Flats near the Elementary School. You're first cache is just after the new welcome wall.


Wish I could cache with you, but it's my daughter's 3rd birthday on Thurs. Have fun!

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Bikedog down.


I am extremely sad to report that Bikedog was critically injured in a motorcycle accident today and will not live through the night. For all of you who had the opportunity to know him, then your life is better for it. I personally had the chance to share many a weekend adventure with him and I will always remember him for the fun we had and the challenges we overcame.


I will repost once the details of a memorial service are assembled.


Howling Wolf

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We're coming up to Big Bear for one night in mid-to-late February - really to check out the area rather than grab a bunch of caches but... :grin: If you only had time to do a handful of caches, which ones would you recommend would give us the best feel for the area (assuming they aren't buried under snow by then)?


Thanks for any suggestions!

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T.F.T.C., IF there is no snow, you can have fun along the Alpine Pedal Path, starting with Doug's Nut Here Anymore and ending with ( I think...) It's A Crock. Sorry, I don't have the GC numbers handy. That's a nice and EZ trail!

It's been way too long since there has been a reply to this thread...are you all hibernating up there?? I spent the weekend there and the wether was cache perfect!!

Also, the memorial Bikedog coin is now for sale $10 each with proceed to benefit Jerry's 13 year old daughter.

And FINALLY....there has been more than 1000 visitors to this thread!~! :mad:

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We managed to visit your beautiful area last weekend! Unfortunately, the kids were so, uh, involved in "tubing" down the slopes, we only managed to snag three caches! But what was going on with the dam bridge? The good thing is that it got us to go around the north side of the lake twice! The bad thing is, well, you know. :huh:

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Glad you had a great time, TFTC! Ah yes, the dam bridge...well, a few days ago a gasoline tanker side-swiped some boulders while trying to avoid a vehicle that crossed over the double yellow. The boulders ripped out part of the tanker, spilling 1000's of gallons of gas. Fortunately, no one was hurt and no fire. Part of the road has to be repaved, so they say the road should re-open on Friday the 16th.


Come back soon, doesn't look like any snow in our near future. Lots of caches to get. :huh:


See ya!

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Insert foot...we had about 4-6-inches of snow last night, and it's snowing :laughing: lightly as I write this. Luckily, MtnMammy and I got some caches yesterday before the storm. The news also says that Hwy. 18 between the dam and Boulder Bay is still closed, just in case anyone is coming up. Check roads, bring chains.

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For anyone planning to visit Big Bear= the road between the dam and Boulder Bay is still closed due to the fuel spill.


Most of the snow we just had has melted, so caches are ready and waiting! I hear we are due for a storm this Monday and Tuesday, so I'll keep you posted.


Come up for some skiing and caching! :P

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Monday morning...I guess we are on STORM WATCH 2006, it's a little drizzely right now...

Went to the Temecula Event II yesterday...it was FUN-TASTIC!!! So many pizzas and coins, saw some old faces and new...always good to have a FACE for those we read about. Temecula is a great area to cache in, I hope to return one day and spend more time. It's a beautiful area and the caches are very creative!


Anyway, mark your calendars, Mandy'sMom and I are planning the 2nd Annual Big Bear Cache Bash for August 26th, 2006. I'll keep you posted if there are any changes, etc.


Stay warm and dry! :)

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Anyway, mark your calendars, Mandy'sMom and I are planning the 2nd Annual Big Bear Cache Bash for August 26th, 2006. I'll keep you posted if there are any changes, etc.

Our 4x4 club has a run planned in Big Bear the weekend before. Guess I'll be hitting the mountains two weekends in a row. :P

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:lol: Excellant, ShowStop! The altitude is good for you! Can I hitch a ride with anyone? You'd better make it to the event in any case.


Road Update: 330 is still closed due to a landslide. Hwy. 18 between the dam and Boulder Bay is also still closed from the gasoline tanker incident. They had to excavate much deeper to remove the contaminated soil.


Still NO snow, just rain... :laughing:B):D

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It's here! It's finally here!!! For all of those interested in skiing/boarding, we've had about a foot of snow so far today :wub: and it's the good kind! Not wet and heavy and slushy, this stuff is pretty good. Please check for road closures before coming. Both 38 and 18 the front way were closed today.


Stay warm out there! :unsure:

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Greetings from the mountains! It's been quite slow and uneventful up here as far as caching goes. Just yesterday, I was out at the park playing with my geo-pooch, looking forward to summertime caching. Today, I am trying to dig out over a foot of snow from this late storm. I tell ya, IT IS DUMPING up here! :ph34r:


Just wanted to let all you skiing/boarders know. Be careful out there! :(


On CITO day, April 22, I'll be down by Meadows Edge with trash bags at 9am, in case anyone wants to join me. Hope the snow has melted by then!


See ya!

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