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I'm new at this and have a Palm being shipped to me to start paperless caching. I have an older GPSr and have been using EasyGPS to transfer waypoints to it. I find it really time consuming to weed through all the Forum posts to compare different types of software to download/buy to use with my new setup and thought it would be nice to have one place where others could get all the general info. Opinions can be found all through the Forums, but not necessarily general descriptions of the software and what it does.


I would like replies with general info on software for GPSr/Palm/PDA/PocketPC/Desktop use, i.e., what it generally does, what hardware it's for (not specifics - just generalities). To start: GSAK, Cachemate, Clayjar Watcher, Plucker, EasyGPS, Spinner.


Forgive me if this is too broad a request.

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Since it *has* been discussed so much elsewhere, I'm personally reluctant to go into details. However, I think I can accurately make the summary judgement that most people find the GSAK/Cachemate combo the most powerful and easiest way to manage waypoints.


The possible downside is that new users sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by the GSAK features. Still, I think it pretty easy (sometimes with a little help here) to find the essential functions to do what you want to do. There are good tutorials available.

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Thanks! I like the replies and opinions, but I was hoping to have a topic where people new to this could come for general descriptions of all the software available, not necessarily just for my set up. Although, with the replies and what I've read elsewhere, I do think that Cachemate is what I plan to use. I still don't quite understand what the other programs that I listed really do (with the exception of EasyGPS). That was my intent for this topic.


I really do appreciate your replies! :anicute: But I would still like descriptions of the software.

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I would like replies with general info on software for GPSr/Palm/PDA/PocketPC/Desktop use, i.e., what it generally does, what hardware it's for (not specifics - just generalities).  To start:  GSAK, Cachemate, Clayjar Watcher, Plucker, EasyGPS, Spinner.

GSAK is the all in one Geocaching and waypoint management tool. Major features include: Multiple databases, sending/receiving waypoints to GPSr, conversion to many mapping formats, HTML output, extensive searching, macro support, backup and restore, distance/direction from other waypoints (including caches, locations, post codes) and much more.


CacheMate™ is a database for tracking GPS cache hunts. You can store information about caches or benchmarks, decode hints, and transfer data between CacheMate and the MemoPad application. Registered users can import LOC and GPX formatted XML files, which are available from Geocaching.com.


Watcher Watcher is a program that lets you view GPX files obtained from Pocket Queries (a membership benefit for Geocaching.com members). Offline viewing. filtering, and sorting are all possible, as well as merging multiple GPX files and outputting custom GPX files. Watcher is a GPX utility available at no charge (although tips are always appreciated) to paying members of Geocaching.com. It is our way of saying "thank you" to all those who support the site from which we have found countless hours of enjoyment.


Plucker is an offline Web and e-book viewer for PalmOS® based handheld devices and PDAs. Plucker comes with Unix, Linux Windows and Mac OSX tools, scripts, and conduits that let you decide exactly what part of the World Wide Web you'd like to download onto your PDA (as long as they're in standard HTML or text format). These web pages are then processed, compressed, and transferred to the PDA for viewing by the Plucker viewer.


GPX Spinner puts a spin on your GPX files. Features include: Output a set of HTML files suitable for sending to a handheld device using Plucker or iSilo; Change the waypoint name to include the cache name, ID, difficulty, terrain, or any combination; Change the waypoint description to include the cache name, who it was placed by, difficulty, terrain, or any combination;Change the symbol to represent the type of cache (e.g. a camera for Virtuals, a penny for Micros, or a picnic table for Event Caches). Even change the default 'Geocache' treasure chest for regular caches; Change the symbol (e.g. to an animal) if the cache contains any travel bugs; Change the symbol (e.g. to a tombstone) if there are several recent Not Found logs; Fully configurable!


EasyGPS is the fast and easy way to create, edit, and transfer waypoints and routes between your computer and your Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance GPS. Using EasyGPS, you can manage all of your waypoints and routes, and display them in lists sorted by name, elevation, or distance. EasyGPS connects your GPS to the best mapping and information sites on the Internet, giving you one-click access to street and topo maps, aerial photos, weather forecasts, and nearby attractions. And because EasyGPS is part of the TopoGrafix family of outdoor products, you'll be able to exchange GPS data with EasyGPS and ExpertGPS users all over the world!


Edit: All descriptions are provided by the respective vendors.

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