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I don't do a lot of posting but I lurk here about 3 times a day to see the new posts. Anyway, I saw a news story this morning that I have to share with you.


I live near Pittsburgh, PA and there was a news story on this morning for hunters that warned about people finding meth-amphetamine (sp?) labs in the woods in western PA. These are just buckets or coolers that are left in the woods for the time it takes the meth to do what ever it is that needs time to make.


The problem with this is that toxic gasses develop in the bucket/cooler and if you open it, it could kill you. The officer on the story said that some people actually drive along the road and put them over the bank where they figure no one else will stop just so they don't risk getting caught with it at home. They come back later and pick it up. Some of them put a little more thought in it and booby trap the containers.


This could kill you!!! Please be careful out there when you're caching and keep an eye on your kids.





PS - They also mentioned the same people dumping the waste products of the process. If you see any of this just contact the local police.

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I saw an excellent training video for spotting possible meth labs and lab waste materials. The video was produced by the Little Rock Police department via a grant. (I do some work for an employment drug testing company).


After watching the video, I am convinced that I have seen the remnants of at least 1 lab out in the boonies while looking for a cache. Scary stuff and very toxic and dangerous. I will dig up addtional info on that video if anybody is interested.


I will steer clear and contact authorities if I ever see anything similar again.

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What would be nice is if someone could take the video and perhaps edit it down some and then create a .mpeg or .avi file that could be stored somewhere and a link to it given. That way it could be seen by all.

With permission from the copyrights holder of course. :cool:


Actually, for public service type videos, the copyright owners are often quite willing to help the information reach as many people as possible. As geocachers are really a good target audience for that info, it would be worth a try..

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Yes, I live in Venango County, just north of Pittsburgh, and our local paper ran a story on meth labs again just this week. (Wish I had the link; I can't search on archived stories.) For every one they bust, another two spring up. This area is prime for it, because of the rugged terrain and low population. The county just to the north of us is a real hotbed for the stuff. I figure it's just a matter of time before meth dealers and geocachers cross paths, and I hope it turns out ok when it happens. I have yet to find one, myself, but I try to prepare myself for it.

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I live near Pittsburgh, PA and there was a news story on this morning for hunters that warned about people finding meth-amphetamine (sp?) labs in the woods in western PA.

Was the story also in the newspaper? If so, can we have a linK?


Luckily, meth hasn't saturated the market this far east like it has out west but we do have some meth labs here and there. It's only a matter of time...


Edited: Never mind - I found lots of articles about this subject. Too many to list.

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I've posted these images before (several times) but it's been a while and the topic is coming up again. These are meth "generators" that I found within 5 feet of a cache. Apparently they were using the same location we were, but at different times.


I took the pictures and emailed them to the owner, who I trusted to go to the police with them. The next morning he took two detectives out to the site and got to explain a little about Geocaching to them. They were very appreciative. The cache owner did feel it was necessary to archive the cache, which I think was a very wise move.






I've run across at least 2 meth lab areas while caching and been very suspicious of several others. One other spot had empty Sudafed packets scattered everywhere and the cache coordinates seemed to lead me to a well-sealed Dollar Store plastic container wrapped in a plastic bag. I'm afraid curiosity got to me and I opened it. As soon as I saw the tell-tale white chunks in it I knew what it was. I was on the phone to the cache owner within minutes and the cache was archived later that day. He also brought the police out there to show them the area and explain about geocaching.


I'm interested in as much education as I can get about this topic. I'm also interested in providing some. I've been talking to a local cacher who has had training in dealing with meth (he's on the local fire department) about doing an article for my site. Hopefully we can get something together this winter.


A video would be a cool idea too. I'll check into that as well.



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