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Ontario Geocoin Preview !

GA Cacher
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We're proud to announce the preview of the new Ontario Geocoin. This is a preview only of our artist's rendition.


Here is a look!


Ontario Gecoin



The design has been approved by Groundspeak, the tracking #'s are ordered with the prefix ONXXXX.


We are about to give the OK to our producer.


We will have a price point in a few days and also how to order set up then. We are NOT taking preorders at this time! We will advise soon!


One of our group of 4 had a death in the family. He is out in Texas for his grandmothers funeral this week. As you know next week in Thanksgiving in the states so bear with us please.


Due to the holiday in the states we will NOT start sales untill AFTER thanksgiving!!


We will have further updates posted to the page and at our web site www.travelbugracer.com


We will also post here.


You can contact us at


ontariogeocoin@gmailDOTcom (you know what to change)


FYI to the people question the connection to Ontario. I am from Ontario, my sister still lives there and I visit often and Madhattersneverland lives in Ontario. The Geocaching groups were contacted and none had any plans for a coin. We had a open forum in the Groundspeak Canada forum to solicit ideas and many were received and introduced into the design.


Thanks for your support.


GA Cacher, Thorny1, Team PEZ and Madhattersneverland.

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Looking forward to the coin. Just went to Canada recently for the first time and the sole purpose was to geocache! I can't wait to get this coin! I would like to get 3 or 4 so I'll be sure to watch this thread. It will be a great way to remember our 1st trip! We have plans to be back in the Spring 2006!


Great Job! ;)

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I don't know if the coin team wants this info included yet or not, but there are 3 metal types for this coin. The run is 1000 total coins. Their still waiting for quotes.


I also believe there will be a preorder thread opened where we'll have to respond with what we want. Then to avoid the paypal problems of the past, we'll be invoiced for our orders at a later time, via PayPal, based on our reply order in that thread. I'm sure as the presale time draws near, they will post the date & time & specifics of the presale well in advance like last time.


This is just to give you an idea of what to expect.


So there is no reason to post "I'll take 2" in this thread. Cuz it won't count anyway.

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