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How Do You Activate A Michigan Geocoin

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I was given an unactivated Michigan geocoin by a local geocacher & I'm not sure how to make it active on gc.com. I was able to activate it on the michigan page but when I try it on gc.com I get a message that says the tb does not exist. Are there some coins that aren't trackable. Thx :anitongue:

If you activated it on the MiGO website, then it's not trackable on gc.com.


The newer ones are trackable on gc.com but it seems you have one of the older ones.

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Thanks for the help.

I don't believe the Michigan geocoin came from the coin club so I don't think they'd be able to help me with an activation code.

This is the 2005 geocoin that has the michigan website listed on the back. I was looking on ebay for pictures and there is currently one for sell that says it is trackable on gc.com which looks exactly the same as mine. Is it not possible to track this coin?

thank you!

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The original MiGO coins were trackable at travelertags.com. This was before gc.com opened the doors for anyone except USA or Moun10bike to track their coins on their site.


If the number on your coin is a plain number (such as 123, 529. 1034, etc) it's probably one of the earlier coins. When they became trackable at gc.com the numbering went to random lettering/numbering. It will start with a MI and then will have several digits after that, like MIE4GQ or MIT45F or something equally as random. The coins will look identical except for, as Cyclops and Son mentioned, the older coins just say trackable around the coin number box while the newer coins say trackable at geocaching.com. Otherwise the coins are identical in artwork.

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If it is trackable at geocaching.com it will say so around the number box. The original coins did not say trackable.


If it is trackable at gc.com then you go to the geocoinclub.com site to retrieve the activation code. That is a free service offered by the club and does not mean they are affiliated with the coins using the service.


BTW.. there is no such thing as a 2004 or 2005 MiGO coin, they are simply trackable or not trackable there is no other difference... yet.

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