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Deleting Waypoints


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I'm not running out of room yet but...


I run my Pocket Queries and download a bunch of waypoints to my GPS V, go out and find them and log them in. Now I don't need the waypoints.


Any way to delete a bunch at a time or do I have to do it one by one?


Thanks, John

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This is NOT covered in the GPS V user manual, so write this down.


Press Find, then Waypoints

Select "By Name"

When your list of waypoint names comes up, do not enter a waypoint. Leave it blank, highlight "OK" and then "enter."

Press the "Menu" button.

Up pops a menu that has an option to delete waypoints, either all of them or by symbol.


Personally, I delete ALL my waypoints after each geocaching trip, so I know I'm always working with current data. Another way to do it would be to change each icon to "Geocache Found" and then delete just the waypoints of that type at the end of each day of geocaching.

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