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More Useful Greasemonkey Scripts


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i agree - or at least somewhere to make all their great scripts easily available! I'm a new recruit to firefox, and it would be nice to have a central place I can raid for all those wonderful scripts! Or maybe a pinned topic that they can be used just to keep a store of them???


Ta! :lol:



There is!! Userscripts.org


There are a few GC.com scripts on there at the moment but it would be a good idea for anyone who makes them to add them.

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The script that shows the posters finds entitled "GC Forums Add Owned / Found links" MIGHT need a bit of tweaking to get it to work as it didn't at first when I used it.


From the Manage User Script option under Tools,

Select the GC Forums Add Owned / Found links script.

Add these two links to the Page Included links








For some reason, I occasionally get a load of gibberish (techie speak) in the url before the "show topic" bit. This should cure any issues.


It did for me!

Sorry if this confuses anybody especially those with:

Less knowledge about it than me

More knowledge about it than me... :D:D

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Not realising the consequences I "upgraded" to Firefox 1.5 and lost most of the scripts I rely on :ph34r:


I tried "downgrading" to FF 1.0.7 but this refused to run at all due to a missing dll. So now I'm stuck with 1.5 and no scripts. I guess I'll have to wait until the "wizards" re-write them. Hey Ho!!

Have you upgraded your GreaseMonkey? It should be at 0.6.4 or above to work with Firefox 1.5. All the GM scrips that ar mentioned in here work OK with this. You can download GM 0.6.4 from Here. You might have to reimport the scrips once upgraded, but they should work.


Milton (aka Moote)

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