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Scottish Geocachers Day Out

Big Wolf

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Here is the current list of those people/teams who have indicated that they will probably come along.




Big Wolf

Charlotte Aubrey



Firth of Forth



Jack Aubrey








Team Incredible

Team Ullium

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I have just added up all those who said they would or may come to the event and have listed them below. It looks like there should be about 50 people in total but could you have a check and get in touch with me if either your name is not on the list, you are not going to be able to make it or if the number of people coming in your party has changed.






Alistair_uk 1

Allieballie 2

Big wolf 2

Billy Twigger 1

Charlotte Aubrey 1

CoolCal 4

Crustyloafer 1

Decisive Twins 2

Dogtag 1

Firth of Forth 1

Ghiribizzo 2

Haggis Hunter 1

HighlandNick 1

Hhydraulic 1

Jack Aubrey 2

Jacobite & Mrs J 2

Jrp45-The Man in Black 1

JustScotsman 1

Karl60 1

Kissjenn. 3

Lathama 1

Lock1uk 1

Marmuk 1

McKryton 1

Pooter 1

Remote Part 1

Roolku 1

Team Bostik 1

Team Incredible 4

Team Ullium 2

Thunderbird30 2

Wildlifewriter 1

Yob kulcha 2

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Less than a week to go until the event, there are going to be in excess of 50 people coming to the event, and as already said, 4 easy caches will be placed, with plenty more nearby.

If you haven't got your name down yet, or haven't got plans for next Saturday then get yourself to Edinburgh, has it been mentioned yet that there will be a quiz and raffle as well?

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Confirmation email from Cancer Research for a donation of £80.00 collected during the raffle and donated to Cancer Reasearch in honour of Team Ullium.


"Subject: Confirmation: CARD Transaction

Date: 28 January 2006 17:11


Dear Supporter,


I have just received confirmation of your kind gift of £80.00 and I would like to thank you for making such a valued contribution to our research.


With your gift our scientists will be able to continue their vital work looking for new ways to prevent and treat cancer.


If you would like further information on the work of Cancer Research UK, please do not hesitate to contact our Supporter Services Department:

- by email at supporter.services@cancer.org.uk

- by telephone on 020 7121 6699

- by writing to us at PO Box 123, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3PX.


We are always happy to be of assistance.


Once again, please accept our warmest thanks for your support of Cancer Research UK.


Yours sincerely


Dave D'Arcy

Head of Supporter Services

Cancer Research UK"

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This was a great day, and £80 collected through the raffle for cancer research is bloody good, well done everyone.


Can everyone who took pictures during the whole of the SGDO today, send them onto me, I will compile them all together and send them to Bill and Angela, as he had asked me to do this.

With BT's news about the hospice it would be good to get them sent sooner rather than later.


Thank you in advance


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