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Stump Explosions, Be Careful


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Has anyone had any close calls with stumps falling apart on them lately? I was caching today near Carnation and looking for a micro in a huge maple stump. There have been at least 30 that have done this cache. I looked in all the obvious spots and then saw the worn out spot where others had stepped up. I reached up and held on to the side and instantly let go as a large section of the stump started to come apart. Nothing fell, but it was just hanging there.


I jumped down and stood back thinking the cache couldn't be there. Not wanting to make a huge mess I was about to bag the cache. I started to think what will happen if the next cacher comes by and decides to step up in the same spot. I gave the side a slight pull and a large 3x6 foot section of the stump came crashing down right along with the cache!.......Large heavy chunks.


I found the cache, but what a mess. It broke apart and scattered all over the parking area. I hate to think about what would have happened if my daughters had been the ones looking and it had fallen on them. I've had this happen 3-4 other times while searching stumps, so be extra careful this time of year. I've also had alder trees blow apart nearby, so watch for those too. With all the rain we've had lately they are very dangerous.

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My dad and i were caching once along the bank of a lake and we stopped to take a break. He leaned his arm against one of the trees (about 6 inches around) and it fell over. Most of the trees in that area were pretty rotten as we discovered. Could've been dangerous if someone had been standing on the wrong side of the tree.

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