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the frog...

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just stay away from the urban ones. :lol:


Tinfoil has the right idea if you want to do them though. Act like you are supposed to be there and you just dropped something you are looking for (or picking up trash as I have seen suggested in another thread). I tend to spend too much time checking for muggles (bad thing to do).

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Welcome to San Diego Frog! The only advice we have is keep your eyes peeled for muggles. :anitongue: There is a really good series on the UCSD campus (Wizard's Chess by DAK girls) that we recommend. Hope to see you at some of the caching events. Happy hunting.

Hey, come on! Lets not hit the frog with that one as a first! I'd say, do Frogs On Guard, first. ;) Then Boo's Door.

Do Forbidden Forest & you won't have to worry about muggles....unless you include the homeless that live in the bushes there. It's a fun cache, but better done with someone. (Safety in numbers, & all that.) A dark night & a bright flashlight works best for this cache.

Do you like puzzle caches? There seems to be a ton of them in this town. Our major hair-puller puzzler moved to NJ a few months ago, so hopefully, the puzzles will become a little easier. (Hint, hint!)

There are quite a few cachers that like to cache at night. You can always join the crowd!


What area of town are you living in? (Or soon-to-be)


Join us on the SD thread. That's where we chat on all of the good dirt, get together for caching, etc. ;)


Oh yea, definitely do The Wizard series. It's definitely one of the best.

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