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Cable For A Garmin Gps60 To A Palm Z22?

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That particular cable lists the Garmin 12x, but not the GPS60. You may need to shop around a bit more. As I recall, the 12x has a 4 slot plug (it does not have a slot for a central pin) but I may have that backward. I think the 12 series uses a different voltage than the 60. The data transfer might work but the power supply would be wrong.


Edit: Other combinations here.

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Is it possible to connect up a Garmin GPS60 to a Palm Z22 to get position data for DeLorme's Street Atlas Handheld 2006?


Can I use a USB (F) to USB 5 pin mini male adapter?


Is it that easy?  Has anyone tried it?


Thanks in advance.

I don't think you can do a USB connection (someone with more computer knowledge can corrert me if I am wrong)


Here is one that works through the serial in/out on the GPS and the port on a Palm I don't know if it will work with your particular Palm or not.


The one Sputnik found was better in that it provides power to both the Palm and the GPS.

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