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We'll see how long it takes until attribute setting becomes a serious requirement. Until then, is the attribute PQ really effective? I'd be curious to know areas where the attributes are used a lot or not. (plus, without being able to set all possible attributes but being limited, some caches might have an attribute but since it's not vital enough to the cache, it might not be set).

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I checked to see if I could get a PQ that fit ones that had snakes, thorns, poison ivy, climbing, swimming etc, etc but I ended up with a PQ that had one of my caches (as an example) that was an easy walk in an urban park (it warned of thorns). I doubt I'll use the attribute feature in my PQ's. It would rely on whether the owner used the attributes and also on their opinion of the cache (not all 1/1's are wheelchair accessible!) and you have to use your own personal filter. Attributes are fun but I rarely look at them to tell the truth. I can see if you wanted ones that are kid friendly only or 24 hrs accessible (for the 24 hr gang) ... then it might be useful but again, that is owner-opinion dependant.


Thanks for reminding me Northern Penguin; I will warn those of you that have carefully kept a database of your founds and then overwrite them with the "Founds PQ" that GC.com is now offering. The download will only provide you with only your logs on the cache and not anyone else's. (Nozzletime said his description of the cache disappeared in CacheMate too but I can't attest to that as I haven't tested it yet. My descriptions are there in GSAK, don't know why it would disappear in CacheMate).

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Just thought of another attiribute I'd like to see after one of the caches I visited today. "On Private Property - with Permission". I get really uneasy driving down a quarry access road, through a gate to find a geocache on the other side of the pit - yet that was exactly what this cache involved doing. I don't go after many "Private Property" type geocaches - unless something like the Bruce Trail runs through it. There are a few caches nearby on my ignore list due to private property concerns.

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