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Hi My self and extended family are heading to Toronto for the Holidays and were wondering if anyone could recommend caches in and around toronto. We will be bringing a "few" TB's with us and need lots of places to drop them off. Not forgetting to Collect a few on the way to drop off in the lake district and cheshire.


May thanks for any suggestions



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My favourite Toronto cache is A Monumental Quest. If you don't mind wandering around cemeteries, it is a great place to discover some of Toronto's notables that have passed on. The tour takes quite some time (it is worth walking around in there rather than rushing from one place to another).


I also enjoyed the Toronto Island caches (the ones that I've done so far) but they won't be quite as good during the winter months.


Hope you enjoy your stay!



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Yup gotta agree with Binrat and Annie


The Virtual "Old Town Hall Message" is my second all time favourite VC, and while I haven't done "Monumental Quest" I trust Annie and Geo Dog when they rave about how great it is.


There are a dozen Virtuals in TO... makes for a great day.


Also there is Toronto Island, and I know a few guys have rented bikes on the island and done them all, enjoying that as well.


:rolleyes: The Blue Quasar

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