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Icenrye's Geocaching Videozine Episode 6 Available

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Episode 6 is now available at the archive.org website. This episode features the SkyTrain series by BC Tripper. It's short and sweet. Fireted and I had a great time completing the series, and unfortunately, I didn't get as much footage as I was hoping for. :o

We completed the series in 7 hours starting in bright sunshine and ending in the dark. The change of lighting makes for an interesting viewing experience.

So, point ypur browser here and choose your download format. The video is available in high resolution DivX and H.264 formats as well as lower resolution Quicktime and Windows Media formats.

Show notes are available at my Geocaching Videozine shownotes page.

Thanks to everyone for their continuing support. It’s good to know that people enjoy my work.

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WOW! I just had a chance to sit down and watch the e-zine with my family. Can I just say that you did a fabulous job, and I am incredibley flattered! There's lots and lots of great shots, and I couldn't help but smile the whole way through. Thank you so much, it was truly a hoot to watch. Now my family finally understands what I've been babbling about for the last three months. I'm glad you enjoyed the series!


BC Tripper :ph34r:

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