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Christian Coin Group


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Many of you have traded for, or at least seen my personal coin. I have been contacted by several people about forming a group of like-minded cachers, so I am floating the idea out there.


I want to carry on the discussions in a separate venue since I don't want to offend anyone on the forums that don't share my beliefs.


Therefore, I have set up a group in the yahoo groups section. Click on the link to go to the site and click the Join button. I have some ideas for some coins, and would like to share them with you.




Cachers 4 Christ

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I have had a few people ask me if it was ok to join the group if you were not a Christian.


The answer is of course! However, you do not need to join in order to get a coin. When we make our coins, we will make enough to go around, and will post a link to place orders here on the forum.


The purpose of the group forum is to have a place to meet, and swap ideas about coins, and whatever else we want to talk about. I didn't think the GS forums were the proper place to host that, so I took it to a group forum.


Click on the link at the bottom of my first post to go to the group and join.


I will leave this post active for a few days, and then I will lock the thread.

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Tried to join the Yahoo groop. Yahoo is one of the most intrusive sites on the internet. For some reason, my computer will not let me join or view some of its screens. When trying to join, it just keep going back to the join screen. Can't not get any further. I have tried this years ago and have never been able to join other groups either on the Yahoo site. Any other site we can set up at? :laughing:

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I have never tried google groups, so that may be an option.


Give me a couple of days to work on that. Also, let me try to send you an invite directly in the mean time.


I put out a request to the group asking for info. I have seen that all of the regional groups have their own message boards. I would like to look into having our own site with separate threads. It will be much easier that trying to sift through the group set up as it is now.


Unfortunately, I have no idea what that would take to set up.



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Dave... for some reason the join button won't work from work... so I'll be joining you tonight...

I know that my work blocks Yahoo email and Yahoo groups because of the possibility of getting viruses. If you're careful (don't download unknown files), then you should be ok, but there's so many people who aren't careful, that work has blocked the sites. It sounds like your work has probably done the same thing.

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