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Swags Christmas Coin Unveiling


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Well, the new Swags Christmas coins have been shipped, and are arriving in group members mail boxes as you read this.


Get your trading hats on and start to work your deals. This one is sure to be a hot ticket.


I will post a picture of the new coin in a separate message.


Group members, DO NOT READ the following message unless you want your surprise spoiled!



















Remember, don't look if you don't want to ruin your surprise!

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LOL! That's awesome. You made a good choice using Swags as a mascot. He's the most beloved slug ever, I'd wager. :o


There must be someone who wants to trade one for my personal coin. ;)


Hey, is that a LFD bone hanging on the tree? Another one looks suspiciously like a guy riding a bike, too. :P What are the other 2?

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Swags has good taste for his tree decorations as well.


If you look closely, his tree topper is actually a Moun10Bike Ver. 1. There is also a Moun10Bike Ver. 3 on the tree as well. (It helps if you are using the same coin manufacturer. We were able to scoop the Ver. 3 design before it was public) :o


Swags is also getting ready to hang his Geo-Bone on the tree!

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I'll trade a version 1 & 2 SWAG for one of your mount10bike coins.

I'll trade you even more! :D (just kidding)

Ha, funny guys. ;)


I need to find another great cache to put that M10B coin in. The others we've found and re-released have seen some cool places.


I did arrange a trade...the GeoGhost coin for a Swags Christmas coin...thanks GeoCrickets!

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