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Cache Page Idea

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What really would be nice to see on the cache page, down by the logged visits, is a count, w/icons, of how many FINDS, DNFs and TEMPORARILY DISABLED. Not just the number of logs. This would help when researching for diffuculty and muggling. We have spent hours having to open all logged visits to see if this cache would be a good place to leave a TB or not. We have seen some caches that are on their third cache replacement (not an ideal place to leave someones TB). We might still go to the cache to, hopefully, log a find. But we won't go out of our way to drop a TB just because it meets the TBs goal. This is just an idea we thought we would throw out for nay's or ya's.

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Not a bad idea, especially if it eventually made it into the GPX data (would be handy in GSAK and Cachemate) and maybe even in PQ selection criteria. For instance, do a search for less than 3 DNF's in last 2 months or something.

Providing you have the history of logs in GSAK you can get this information with the log filter:



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If you are using Firefox with the greasemonkey extension Prime Suspect has created some great scripts.  One of them, detailed here does just what you are looking for.

OK... I am just an old gray hair squaw and don't know all this fancy computer stuff.


What is Firefox and does the monkey already come greased or do I have to rumage around out in the garage for some? Or is he going to be arrested before I can grease him because he is the Prime Suspect! :D

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Firefox is a Mozilla replacement for Internet Explorer, much better at eliminating pop-ups, tabbed browsing, faster rendering and standard compliant.



Greasemonkey allows you to create user scripts to change some aspects of the browser.



geocaching scripts for greasemonkey


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