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Kilted Cacher Coin For Sale

Kilted Cacher

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I need about three people who are interested in purchasing a Kilted Cacher Coin to help me test out my new purchase site. The site will be the future home of the holiday coin series (prefix HC), which started with the Christmas 2005 coin, plus some other upcoming organization and state coins.


Just post here about your interest and I'll send you the web address. I want to limit this to just 3 people at this time to work the bugs out and see how it goes.

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Hope you have a WV coin in your future ideas for state coins!!!

I do. Our group represents cachers from WV, and it's the only organized group from WV so far. I know there is a yahoo group for WV Geocachers, but not sure about their level of organization. Our group is working on a design for an organizational coin and should be out around Jan-Feb timeframe.

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I ordered a coin last night and paypal'd for it. After checking the CacheCoinsOnline site later that evening I found that 'My Account' shows that no purchase was made.


Is anyone else having this problem? Just check the 'My Account' section on the CacheCoinsOnline to find out if your purchase is listed.

I too ordered this afternoon and I do not show an order in my acount. This may need to be checked on. Paypal went thru and accepted my money but does not show as a buy on the webpage. Thanks

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