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Looking To Buy 100-150 Pc Coin Tracking#'s

The Moops

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I think most coin mints can do this with no minimum for personal coins.  They run $1.50 per coin.  Groundspeak must approve the coin first.

The only one I am aware of that is a one-stop shopping for gc.com trackable coins is http://www.coinsandpins.com


They do great work.


They'll help with the design, get it approved by gc.com and sell you exactly how many tracking numbers you need.


Good luck on the project and congratulations to your wife on her gift(s)!

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I think the tribute to your wife is very moving, and to people waiting on all transplant lists everywhere. One of the reasons I took up caching was heart problems, hoping the exercise would help. And although I do not need a transplant at this time, I can fully understand the anguish that goes with it. I think it is a marvelous idea and if you get them made I would definitely be interested in 4. One to keep, one to trade, one to leave in caches and one to make into a necklace to remind myself where it can leas if I do not get out caching more often.

Good luck with your endeavours and keep us posted. :lol:



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