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Origin Of "tus"

Team Maccabee

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Oh, this topic has the strong smell of TUS testosterone... :rolleyes:


Just for you folk, I'll have a "Super-Dooper" First TUS to Find prize in my first cache, to be hidden sometime this month.  And I believe it is not even 2 miles from fishiam and fauxSteve... 


Team Maccabee's Abba

YAWN! So not interested ... maybe the faux one will do you the favor of visiting your new cache. Me ... I really did give my GPSr to my wife and asked to hide it from me until next month. I plan to collect on that Big time beer. peace, fishiam

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Indeed, with nolenator as our witness: the game is on... Good luck fish! I'm looking forward to my malty prize!

Hey I just went caching today for the first time in over a month and a half.


Do I get a malty prize too?? I got a Guiness for being a monkey one time ;)

And who gave you that malty prize? Oh yeah, that was me. Thanks again pal.


Keeping with true TUS form, I nabbed a firstie in the early morning hours. Whoo Hoo!


Peace, Nolenator

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From fishiam's log on Fishy works near here


Even though I'm resting I still should acknowledge a cache placed by a

friendly co-cacher right in my neighborhood.  My GPSr is locked away

but Google Earth still resides on my computer so finding city micros is

still fairly easy. . . . 


Now, is this within the spirit of the hibernation and having the GPSr locked up? Who knew the computer could be an enabler?



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Team Maccabee and The Mercury Project are both penalized 15 yards for excessive piling on.


ps - did you hear that in the Apple Cup this year, WSU tied a record of its own? This was the 7th time they have won two Apple Cups in a row. They have never won three in a row. The UW once won 8 in a row. The game was christened the Apple Cup in 1962 and the record is 31 wins for UW and 13 for WSU. The teams have been playing each other since 1900 and the record since then is UW 63 wins, WSU 29 wins and there have been 6 ties. You deserve a beer TMP. Two in a row in fact. But not three.




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I plan to collect on that Big time beer.  peace, fishiam

I'm out! I have pulled far ahead of fish in the standings, and there is little he can do to catch up. While there are still four days left on the clock, it looks like he is going to be the winner! Congratulations fish! Now the hard part starts...


You are still "hibernating", while I am free to go caching! Woo hoo!


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I plan to collect on that Big time beer.  peace, fishiam

I'm out! I have pulled far ahead of fish in the standings, and there is little he can do to catch up.

Who says I can't hibernate? WooHoo! O wait, what am I celebrating? Caching abstinence? O well, at least I get to drown my sorrows in a pint. I'm hoping a few of the TUS can find a common time to gather at the Big Time and share a pint with the faux one and I. Next week isn't good, but the following week, perhaps an afterwoork/late afternoon mid week (20th or 21st?). Who's around? Anyone? Bueller?


peace, fishiam

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We will be in town and would love to attend if included in the invite. We are hoping to find that Cold Hard Cache in a couple of days, so we will bring the winnings to buy a round!



Nolenator and I were talking this over at coffee this morning. It seems the best time to have a get together is after the holidays. Also, Thursday afternoon works well for both of us. So, before I submit an event cache ... any feedback on a proposed date/time of Thursday Jan. 5th 4 PM - 6/7 PM at the Big Time Brewery on the Ave for a gathering of local (TUS and non-TUS) cachers? Heck, the first beer is already paid for (thanks BHMP!)




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