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San Francisco Bay Area Cachers

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KaeSky and I are curious as what the record is for the most caches found in the San Francisco Bay Area - specifically the South Bay. We went out on Nov. 5th hoping to find 100... we soon realized that even though we planned and plotted that it just wasn't going to happen.


We started at 5:45am and ended at 6:30pm with only a couple of bathroom breaks. We ended up with 33 finds and only 3 DNF's. <_<


Were we on average? I've seen a few posts (and wish I could remember where I saw them) with over 100 in a day.


Curious minds want to know.



EricsBrat (AKA: Team - Two Peas in a Pod)

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When I started caching last year, EMC of Northridge, CA swooped in the area for a weekend with more than 200 finds. Not sure what her daily total was, but it's got to be higher than 50. Even though she's from Southern CA, she has visited the area on numerous occasions and has done at least one of Workerofwood's Assume Nothing caches, so she's almost a local. <_<


33 finds in 12 hours and 45 minutes is pretty good actually. I think you have to be crazier and cache all the way until midnight to get more caches per day. I met you guys at WoW's Polymer Clay Worshop event and talked about this, so I know you guys can night cache. <_<


I know many South Bay cachers who have done high finds per day (more than 50) but they've done it outside the area.

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The I think it depends on where you cache and your mode of transportation.


If you pick very cache dense areas, you can pick up lots of caches quickly. Combining a car travel with bicycle travel might help speed things up in some cache dense areas, as you waste less time parking and making u-turns.


A small group of us did Redwood Shores and part of Foster City on bicycles a couple of months ago. In about 8 hours, we visited 25 caches. It probably could even been more, but we only had planned on visiting about 20 caches and then had time to kill, so threw in a few more caches around the area and doing some backtracking along the route. We also didn't rush between caches, taking a leisure lunch and doing a little sightseeing along the way.



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