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Tb Attrition Rate

Pez Tonto

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We launched 4 TBs in March of this year. One was apparently lost when a cache was muggled which the cachee owner was kind enough to report to us; one was reported to be placed in a cache in June, but was not logged into the cache and has seen no activity since then; one was picked up by a cacher in July, but has had no activity since and the cacher has not responded to e-mails; and the fourth seems to sitll be active.


So is our 75% attrition rate over eight months fairly typical for TBs or were we just unlucky?

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I've got 17 out, and only two are missing. Both, oddly, got muggled before they ever made it out of the first cache. The newest still in circulation is four months released, the oldest sixteen months.


Hm. Looking at my stats, another one or two haven't been logged in a suspiciously long time. Make that four out of seventeen.

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Of the 54 bugs we have released in the last year and a half:

- 9 disappeared and we released replacements with the copy tag

- 4 more disappeared that we haven't released replacements for yet

- 2 more have been held for more than 4 months by inactive cachers and may be gone


If those last two really are gone, that's 28% that have disappeared.


(edit: Just like AuntieWeasel, we lost two of our bugs when the first caches we placed them in were muggled right after we launched the bugs.)

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We have had pretty good luck with TB's Out of 29 released Ten are MIA one the holder emailed that they tipped in a canoe going to the cache and it is at the bottom of a lake, One muggled, one in a flood and the others unknown. All the others are moving along

This onePlucky Ducky our very first TB released just after we joined and I did not know how to add the release date has reached 13736 mi This one is an interesting cache and with luck travel to space.Geocoin#1


This was is in AustriaMac Donalds car 94


Some have sat for months both with cachers or in caches but then they move.

We love our TB's

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Just like AuntieWeasel, we lost two of our bugs when the first caches we placed them in were muggled right after we launched the bugs.

Dang! We may have just lost a third bug after its very first cache drop!


We started one of our newest ones off a couple of weeks ago, and it has never been logged out of its first cache although the cache has been visited a few times... I was starting to get uneasy about it, and just now got an email saying that it's not there. Rats; I liked this bug's goal and I was interested to see how it worked out: Copycat Bug.

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