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2005 Geoghost Coin Now On Sale!


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I was driving home yesterday and called my wife and asked her what was in the mail. She said another coin package. Quick! Open it up and tell me what's inside! The Geoghost Coin has arrived and it's great looking. Thanks for having a few extra to share.


Now I think I have to spend little time with my GAA creed. I'm not addicted... I'm not addicted... I'm not addicted...

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Mailed coins to the following people on the 12th.




Stuckon WG584



I have NOT received payments from:









You only have until the 20th of this month to get the payments to me or the coins go to the next in line on the waiting list.

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Alright all you Halloweiners! All of the coins have been shipped. If you have not received yours yet please email me for your Delivery Confirmation number.


Everything shipped inside the United States has a DC number and you should be able to track it at the USPS web site.


Those coins shipped outside of the United States have proof of delivery slips but there is no way of tracking them. Sorry.

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