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South Carolina Geocoin


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I don't think it's the cost of shipping that is the surprise as much as it is the cost of the coin it's self for it not being trackable with only one color on only one side of the coin that seems a little pricy. Considering what some other coins have cost like the Maine, New Mexico, and so on..........

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You have been heard!


Unless I hear otherwise, all extra postage will go to the SCGA. We will be back in the fight with the legislature come January and I am sure the money will help (mailing stuff, printing flyers, etc.)


If you want the extra (if any) refunded, you will have to tell me. Just drop me an e-mail so you don't get blasted here in the forums.


Hydnsek- I know I can get your order in a flat rate priority mail box. Even insured, you will be due more than a few cents refund. I will e-mail you with the exact amount when I get them ready to ship to you, so you can reconsider. (Right now it looks like between 20 and 30 bucks refunded.)


The cost of the envelopes and tape and other packing stuff is in the price of the coin. Refunding a partial amount through paypal is easy.


I have received several orders from Germany. When the coins come in and I know exactly how much extra it will cost to mail them, I will contact you.


Team Maddie UK, CR forwarded your e-mail to me. I think there is a letter that has to be sent with yours for customs. I will have to look it up again and get back to you. Give me 24 hrs.


We do get your e-mail and will do our best to respond promptly. BUT, we both have full time jobs, and the coins won't be here for several weeks. If you don't get an answer in a few days (not hours), drop another line to nudge me.


CR and I are a married couple, share a house, but not computers or office space. We have a 3 bedroom home, our room, my room and his room. My daughter sleeps on the couch when she overnights. Helps keep her at her house! :P:):D:rolleyes:

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What is the current time table for the coins...as in how long will ordering be open before it is closed to make the coins and such?

The response from geocachers have been very favorable and we have enough funds to move forward. I've sent the order for the dies in to the manufacturer, but I haven't gotten a confirmation yet. The absolute minimum according to their website will be 4 weeks as I said in my opening post.


The number ordered will depend on the number pre-ordered. That's the absolute minimum. The number of extras will depend on the number of orders we have when it comes time to actually place the order. I know I'm being vague, but the truth of the matter is we don't know how many to order. We were originally thinking 600, but it may very well go well over that just in the pre-ordering. It really depends of demand.


That being said, pre-ordering will last until we get the sample in. At that time we may have to adjust the shipping. We are also hoping the exchange rate stays in our favor otherwise we might be eating a bunch of costs. Don't worry, we will stand by all sales made even if we have to take a loss.


Directly after approving the sample coin we will be placing the order for the coins themselves. Then it's up to the manufacturer to get them up us and the "fun" begins for Sissy--shipping.


Ordering will continue until such time the extra coins are sold.

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A bit of an update on the silver. Don't have a price yet, but Sissy and I were talking. We're thinking to have these made without the color on the one side of the coin. My thought is this would make it clear this is the fine silver coin, her's "you don't 'paint' silver."


Also, these will be fine silver, not sterling. I've been told sterling does not make a good coin with the processes they use because of the copper content of sterling. Being an engraver I knew I could tell a sterling piece by the 925 stamped somewhere on it. (Versus plated. This is because of how well it engraves.) What I didn't know the 925 meant 92.5% silver. Learn something knew every day.

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