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Vista C Vs Gpsmap 60cs

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After reading some topics and looking at several specs for gps units, I have narrowed down my search to a Vista C or a GPSmap60CS. I was considering some others but think these are the best for my needs. I was wondering if anyone has had better luck with one or the other, especially in the area of signal reception. I will be using the unit in areas with tree cover and peaks and valleys. I've heard the quad helix antenna scans the horizon better for satellites, but I am still not sure if this is better than the patch antenna. Thanks for any help or advice. :anibad:

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I love my Vista C. I like the smaller size and I like the way the click stick works.


My friend has the GPSMap 60CS and our GPSrs usually agree on the cache location. The only drawback to the Vista C is the 500-waypoint limit vs. the 1000-waypoint limit.


I live in a very cache-rich area, so depending on where we are going, I have to keep deleting all the waypoints and putting in a new set from those I have filtered in GSAK.

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The venerable Briansnat reports that the reception of the Vista C outperforms the 60CS (actually, I think he was comparing the Legend C to the 60C, but I think the comparison holds). I think Robberhead nailed the downsides of the Vista C. Not a big deal if you don't use NEMA-base software and won't use an external antenna.


Do the Vista C and Legend C draw power thru their USB connection? I know the 60CS doesn't but thougt I read somewhere that the Vista C did.

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From what I've seen geocaching alongside a Legend C user, the eTrex c units get better reception under heavy leaf cover than my 60CS. Not that the 60 gets bad reception by any measure.


If the extra map memory is important (if you live in a major population center and use City Select it will be), the 60 is the way to go. If not, the Vista C is an excellent unit. Its on my Amazon.com wish list. Ideally I'd like to have the 60CS for use in my car and use the Legend C or Vista C for geocaching and hiking under heavy tree cover.

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Do the Vista C and Legend C draw power thru their USB connection?  I know the 60CS doesn't but thougt I read somewhere that the Vista C did.

I own both the eTrex Vista C and the GPSmap 60CS. The Vista does draw power through the USB connection. The 60CS does not draw power through its USB connection, but through another, dedicated port.


This is the only drawback that I can see with the 60CS, besides having to pay an additional 50% for the unit. Do you get an additional 50 % performance from the device? I don't think so. Do you *want* to own the 60CS and look cool in the field? Probably so. Especially if $125 matters not to you. You will probably gobble more than $125 in batteries in your first year alone. :D



Adding this for the previous poster: I performed a side-by-side comparison of both the Vista C and the 60CS. The apparent reception of the Vista C was about double the apparent reception of the 60CS, based on the lenth of the bars for each satellite. I'm not sure what the says, except that it may have better reception, assuming that the full height of the bar represents the same signal strength. I don't believe I would fall into that trap.


I was caching last Sunday with Eagletrek, at one cache site here in Waco. He did lose reception at one point. I never did, but I was not monitoring my signal strength and was not standing directly next to him at the moment he complained of lost signal. We were in cover, but not thick cover at the time.


I do like that you don't lose signal when the 60CS is turned with the display facing the ground. You will generally get a better overall signal set with the antenna pointing towards the sky, but then the compass is ineffective. However, if we had a GPS with an external antenna that pointed straight up, while the device was level (for the compass), with a tilted display, it would look like a biomedical instrument and not the cool trail tool that it is.

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i will add that i previously owned a meridain gold(two of them) and now have the legend C. i always read that the gold had great reception in the woods. this is true. but comparing it to my legend C, i would say that this thing is as good if not better! i have only ever lost signal one time when holding the screen skywards(hanging around yuor neck it will loose signal sometimes). the one time i lost signal using it properly, i found out i was on batterysaver mode which besides efffecting my over all signal, stopped me from receiving a WAAS.

as for the legendC not communicating NMEA, with a third party peice of software that has been mentioned on forum before, it will work better than ever. franson gpsgate worked for getting my gps working with all my software.


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