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Question About Garmin Topo 24k Software...


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I know that the Garmin Topo 24k Software, seperated by 3 Regions in the United States, includes the high resolution maps for National Parks in that Region. I am curious if it also includes the standard 1:100k topo for the rest of the entire region it covers? (Like the Western United States, for my purposes) Or do I have to purchase the standard Topo software in addition to get the trails and topo maps for the State Parks in California?


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I am almost positive that it does NOT include the regular TOPO maps. Go to the Garmin site and check out the sample they have. The 24k maps appear to ONLY have the National Parks they are listed as containing. For "regular" topographic maps you need to purchase the TOPO maps. It's all about the $$$$$

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Be aware that the accuracy of the 1:24000 topos are suspect at times. Used my 60cs with Nat Parks West on Lake Powell last month. Going between Bullfrog Marina to the Rincon in the main channel the boat managed to run the length of two or three large islands that do not exist.

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