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Things Only Geocachers Do...


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Only geacachers will:


* Walk past a pile of rocks next to a footpath, and check to see if there's not perhaps an unpublished cache hidden inside.


* Plan a holiday in conjuction with geocaching.com.


* Make product purchase decisions based on the packaging alone.


* Keep a GPSr (and some SWAG) in the work bag.


* Keep sensible shoes in the boot.


* Take a second glance at urban hide prospects.


* Buy Ziplocks EVERY week.


But then our very own conspiracy theory is that the Ziplock Strategic Planning Department started geocaching.



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Hehe, so true! Anybody else done this:


* Get into a taxi in a strange city, telling the driver you have no idea where you want to go, but that you will direct him on how to get there once he starts driving


* Risk missing a flight in order to find a cheap plastic toy, the likes of which you can get at any McDonalds


* Walk through ankle deep, mosquito infested mud, in your work shoes for the same reward


* End business meetings early so that you can quickly do that cache before flying out


* Extend a business trip to ensure that you will have enough time to get a cache


Note to boss: I have never done the last 2, purely heresay of others.

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Things only geocachers do cont:


* spend hours on a aparatus designed for children in search treasure

* spend hours on a aparatus designed for children in the dead of night

* poke torches at all the little holes on a aparatus designed for children

* stair at a little electronic device while walking on a nudist beach

* buy twenty of the same useless items at a crazy store

* walk right over a cape cobra to get to a little pile of stones on the other side

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* stair at a little electronic device while walking on a nudist beach

lol :ph34r:


The non-geocacher in the family would appreciate that one. But then she would ask why I choose to search for that cache in the first place. :P


Could be a nice walk though. Maybe.


* spend 30 minutes looking under fallen trees and rock piles while others in party stand waiting, patiently or impatiently.

* spend the walk back explaining why searching for those 30 minutes was worth the time when the cache was not found.

* why we have to wait a few minutes to turn the GPSr on and "see what's around."


Ah, you teams have it so easy. :lol:

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Ah, you teams have it so easy.

Its not always so easy.

These are a few things mentioned in a team situation:

* I thought you brought the GPSr

* I thought you brought the cache note

* I thought you brought the warm clothes

* Go this way, it's shorter......

* I want that toy

* I can't go any further.

* and in the case of our dogs, WOOF WOOF


LOL all in the name of adventure

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Do not envy us teams.


2: which way do I turn?

3: um

2: which way

3: um, maybe right

2: I have to turn now, which way?

3: could be let

2: you sure

3: that is the direction the GPSr is currently pointing

2: do you know where we are going?

3: yes we turn left, right here...

2: sorry what.


hmmmm... the joys of caching in a team... one drives the other directs and we both normally end up walking for kilometres and having great fun.

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Speaking of dogs... very keen to strap the GPSr onto the more energetic hound when we're out walking, only to see the track recording!


More things only geocachers can possibly do:

* Spot good cache hiding places when watching a movie (!)

* Understand the meanings of FTF, TFTC, TNLNSL

* Read the encrypted messages (without needing to decrypt them)

* Finding a birthday present involves a set of coordinates

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In the early days Steve (remember him, from D.I.Y.?) and I would sneak out of the office during the day to hunt caches. And leave the office early to get to Silvermine while there was still an hour or two of sunlight left. Silvermine Tales . . those were the days! (I will deny having said this if the boss ever finds out...)


And the conspiracy is wider than first thought. In on it now are Bic and Croxley, who provide all of the pens and those cute little log books we're all fond of.


Vespa, the Sandy Bay caches are recommended, nudists notwithstanding. Just keep your eyes open for muggers. Anyone interested in joining a geocachers vigilante group? <_<


Oh, and I'm going to buy a handlebar mount when I purchase my new GPSr so I can strap it on the motorbike and zoom off into the sunset. But will it be a 60C or a 76C? Decisions, decisions . . . <_<

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