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Any Tbs Need Moving

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I will be leaving Seattle for Marin County, CA on Nov. 22 for Thanksgiving. I should be able to do some caching in that area. For those not familiar with Marin County, it is just north of San Francisco.


I will then travel to Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL. I won't have much time for caching in Jacksonville, but I will have time in Savannah. While in Savannah I intend to visit Charleston, SC as well.


If you have travel bugs that need to move to either area, let me know and we will try to get the TB to me.

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Our N.A.D. Park: Travel Bug Depot (GCNVFD) has some TB's in it that might need moving.  We'll check and let you know.

We have a TB in our Bug Depot called "Never Give Up" Current GOAL: To travel to Feel Good Inc. cache (GCNV4B) in Topanga, CA.


I think this would be a good one. Will try to get it in the next couple days if the rain will let up. Email me with an address where I can send it. Unless you know someone coming or going to our neck of the woods!




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I might need to visit Belfair for part of a day in the next week or so. It would be during a weekday, but we might arrange to meet someplace in the Belfair/Bremerton/Gorst area. I will email you when I decide when I can get over there. If we can't meet, it seems to me there is a cache near the Chevy dealer on 16. I don't recall the name right off, but I found it last summer.

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