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Top Five Sought After Geocoins.

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being new, i want tons of coins, but i'll try to keep it to 5...


in no particular order


compass rose 2006

american cacher bill

beach cachtoids

heart pendant

earth turtle


i haven't seen a fraction of what is out there, so i am sure i will be added and changing the list all the time as this obsession grows. :yikes:

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Mine are:


- Centris (I prefer Pepsi over Coke :yikes: , but the can and the little bear are just too cute)

- Bushwacking Pirate Sword - I've only seen it in pictures, but it really looks like a tiny sword and I love (and collect) miniature "everything" lol!

- Light green Earth Turtle (very nice! I love that shade of green and it goes very nice with the silver!)

- Jellyfish (Lots of mean and ugly jellyfish off the coast of Miami, but this is a cute little guy)

- Microorganisms Moebius (and all the other micro organisms, really) - the only bacteria/viruses I won't mind having!


I also had "Crappy Cache" on my most wanted list, but I finally got one through the Math Trade (Never thought I would!)

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#1 Gold glitter Moon Mushroom

#2 Pi Math Puzzle - Blue and Red

#3 Tengwar (with colour)

#4 Geocoin Secret Agent (Gold)

#5 Amagrud XLE

#6 Crystal Fairy (I have mentioned before I am a greedy pig)


I have had a heap of my wishes come true though - Jellyfish, Solvognen Sun Chariot, Prowling Panther, Gold 2007 Earth Turtle.....etc.....I feel blessed :yikes:

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aww heck the last ones change all the time as i focus on 5 coins at a time, till i get one then i move on, ive been very fortunate for the short time ive been here!!

in fact this list was very different a few days ago but i got some luck with a few trades and hope all works out well, and even my hearts desire coin was granted today!!!


1- colored tengwars

2 Musashi Ground

3 compass rose -time and space

4 Belted kingfisher- bronze & copper or copper and silver

5 celtic sun -copper LE- ( i have a copper moon LE for trade!!) :yikes:

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I've enjoyed reading the Top 10 Favorites and Heart's Desire threads so this is a spin-off of sorts. :yikes:

Aside from mystery coins, what are your top 5 most wanted coins? New, old, anything!

working upwards to heart's desire

1. a glow in the dark gold nocturnal coin

2. an allegheny geotrail geocoin - have always kicked myself for not bidding on the almost entire set of allegheny geotrail coins which went for about 40 dollars on ebay!

3. endian

4. AZtraveller - another kick self for not buying when offered

5. drumdancer - ouch, kicked self again

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These are my top three...


Indy Diver V1- Because I know, have cached with and respect Indy for all that he has done for Geocaching.


Kealia/Hula Bum- Because I know I would only find this one in a cache and I imagaine it would be a cache that would make me stop and go WOW!! And that is what is important to me in Geocaching.


GBA Deathmarch- Because I would have had to earn it to get it.


Chris-Team Shydog

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Kealia/Hula Bum- Because I know I would only find this one in a cache and I imagaine it would be a cache that would make me stop and go WOW!! And that is what is important to me in Geocaching.


I got mine from someone who found it in a cache. So don't rule out that possibility.

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Here's my Top 5 wanted :


Tranquility - Unnamed (with geocaching logo colors)

Tranquility - Two Tone Black Nickel Copper

Tranquility - Blue Is My World Gold Finish

TIKI Lord Pomsby

Compass Rose 2008 Yime Version


As you can see they are all kind of hard to find...

But I keep hoping :yikes:


There is an unnamed Tranquility for sale on that auction site. I think that it is posted in the forum here somewhere.



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Off the top of my head...in no particular order...


- the 2006 & 2008 British Columbia to finish my series

- the Alaska coins (not the gold ones...just the regular finishes)

- Blue is My World Tranquility

- Cache of the Day (I have had a tentative trade set up for awhile now so though I am excited...I can't wait to have this coin in my hot little hands!)

- Trainset series


There are a few more on my high desires list but these are my top five.


edited to add: has anyone noticed that this thread has stirred up the pinned trading thread a bit? I guess getting everyone to think about their top 5 has sparked them to action! :yikes: good job sunsetmeadowlark!

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Here are mine. Also in no particular order:


- Any Bavaria Geocoin

- 1701eh Memorial

- Compass Rose 2008 Yime Edition

- North/South Pole

- Templar Black Nickel


I know, it's actually six coins, but the poles should go together :yikes:

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No particular order....


Blind Acorn




kayakerinme ('06 set)


Saffier & Stekelsteef Diving Helmet




Tennessee Jed LE


Legend of Bigfoot


Dragonfly Dreams


AtlantaGal '07 LE





and about 1/2 dozen others, but these are always on my mind when I trade or search the eplace...




...and then there are the mystery coins...



Goofy Cacher




And the Wishing coin would top the list I suppose... :unsure:

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I only have 3...



Indy Diver V1

Dhobby V1


I have or have had everything else.

Bragger :):unsure:


Not really, I've been doing this a LONG time.




Here are mine:

Indy Diver v1

Face Dances v2


;) But I don't really need these two any more, I had them a while back.

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in no order: Tetanka

Yemon Yime

Tranquility Blue

Earth Turtle v1

Dragonfly talisman


getting one of these would be worthy of fireworks! :unsure:

if you would email me your address, i will send you a tatanka.



Address sent. I'm lighting the match for fireworks now! :)

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My Top Most wanted are:


Crystal Fairy Geocoin


Dragonfly talisman - love the blue one but any will do




TSun s personal

the Wisconsin Cow

Mousekakat personal


I Know, More than 5 - Sorry

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Well I don't have a definite Top 5 list but as of now there are two coins which are really at the top of my seeking list. Those are the 2005 Compass Rose and any Delft Blauw. Maybe some day...

What is the Delft Blauw? ;)


The Delft Blauw coins are two Dutch geocoins made of porcelain. The first coin features a traditional windmill and the text 'windmolen'. The second coin features a wooden shoe and the text 'klomp'. Each coin is handmade and numbered and is trackable. Each series was limited to a maximum of 125 coins.


The coin was sponsored by Landcruiser Team and ZATeam and the designer was professional porcelain artist Frans Ottink.


The series was meant to be a four coin series, but only two have been made to date.



Here are mine pictured with my Dutch Lion Mystery coin.


Edit: oops, didn't know so many people had answered already B)

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Several I have wanted for some time which include:


Mount10Bike of course- any of em!!!

Groundspeak Square Project/ Groundspeak Mystery

Mountain Cachoids GLOW- I have every metal and version but this one!

Mystery coins- Cache Reaper & Mystery Sasquatch! B) ...oooh and a Dutch lion!

Benchmarks- Haleakaia, Mt Ranier (The 2006 versions) and a Canadian Micro!!!


The Glow Mtn Cachoids and Benchmarks are high on my reality want list as the others are so far fetched that I will probably seek them till the end of my days! :)

Guess since I havent been able to get in on the Mystery Threads Im cuttin myself off from a chance!...Better get in there! ;)

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Top 5 for this moment - changes depending on my mood :lol:


1. Rey del Roble/Race for the Cache

2. Boomerang

3. American Mustang

4. Boxfish

5. Cheesocoin


Coins I'd like to have but would be hard/impossible to get:


Delft Blauw

Earth Turtle - GCF

Dragonfly Talisman - GCF

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I have many great coins and most of the ones I covert were before I started collecting or right when I did start. I haven't even seen most of these but maybe one day I will be able to find one! LOL (I know its more than 5 but I couldn't help myself!)


Dances with Moose

DragonFly Dreams (round one)

Hides and Finds Geocoin club #1 the Film Canister


Moun10bike v1

Wandering Dragon

Delorme Eartha

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5 coins? I hope I can restrain myself B)


In random order:

sahasrara AS XLE

Dragonfly Talisman Steel Viking

Cache of the Titans - Medusa Geocoins AS/Gold AE

Birka Geocoins Gold/Silver/Color

Bad Jeremy/Good Jeremy Geocoins XLE

Astro Geocoins Summer Splash

Templar Geocoins Two Tone (wanting the Black Nickel :D )

Delfts Blauw Geocoins Klomp


And then there are some more...

I wanted to edit this post because I made a mistake. What I wrote above is my Top 10. But I can't edit it!


So now my Top 5 most wanted.

At the number one place: Templar Geocoins Black Nickel (I have the others)

The rest is:

USA coins (all but 2004, 2006 v1 and the 2005 Pure Silver)

Volunteer coins (any version)

Brahean geocoins

Puzzle Coin Black Nickel


The last 2 may vary.

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