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Top Five Sought After Geocoins.

legna and sOulbAit

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Moun10Bike 1 -- Because it's the first and it's impossible to get

Moun10Bike 2 -- Because it's Moun10Bike and impossible to get

Moun10Bike 3 -- Because it's Mount10Bike and I'll never get one and it's freaking BEAUTIFUL

Kilted Cacher -- Because it rocks (sadly I don't have anything to trade for it)

Prairie Partners -- Because it is a classy coin (ditto on nothing to trade for this one either)


I'd list Joefrog's Famous Geocoin (one of the BEST coins I've seen!) but I'm just waiting for the coin I'm trading to come in and I'll have one of his!


I already have a GeoBone. :blink: (It is totally cool and best of all I ***WON*** it free!) I'm showing this one off at an event soon and will likely be the only one there who has even seen one.


I would also have listed Kilted Cacher's Christmas Coin/Ornament because I *really* like that one but I have two coming in the mail one of these days.

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1) Norway or was it Netherlands?

2) Dutch

3) Germany (A trade is in the works)

4) ...TBD...

5) ...TBD...


I actually don't have a lot but don't really want much either.

Norway doesn't have a coin yet and the Netherlands and Dutch are the same. So that's one down for you.


tot cache,

team Wij Drie <_<


btw: Norway and the Netherlands are about 1000 km apart from each other. There's a BIG sea between them (or some other countries).

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I've enjoyed reading the Top 10 Favorites and Heart's Desire threads so this is a spin-off of sorts. :o


Aside from mystery coins, what are your top 5 most wanted coins? New, old, anything!


To get it started, here is my list. The order of them (especially the top 2) seems to change with my mood of the day but these pretty consistently stay in the top 5. :unsure:


1) Titanic - Night version

2) British Columbia Stellar Jay Suncatcher

3) American Mustang - Antique silver/gold horse

4) Rey del Roble

5) Deadliest Cache - Especially Northwestern and Time Bandit

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in no particular order:


Rivercity & Team Moagy Antique Gold (any finish would be just lovely!)


Templar LE Two-Tone




Johnnie Lacy/Old Geezer (had one, but gave it away to someone who wanted it more i think)


DHobby1 Edition 1


Buffalo Wings 2006, Copper , Black Buffalo


ok, that's six, but i couldn't make one go away. :unsure:



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5 coins? I hope I can restrain myself :D


In random order:

sahasrara AS XLE

Dragonfly Talisman Steel Viking

Cache of the Titans - Medusa Geocoins AS/Gold AE

Birka Geocoins Gold/Silver/Color

Bad Jeremy/Good Jeremy Geocoins XLE

Astro Geocoins Summer Splash

Templar Geocoins Two Tone (wanting the Black Nickel :yikes: )

Delfts Blauw Geocoins Klomp


And then there are some more...

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