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The Undisputed Champ?


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:rolleyes: Hey there fellow caches,we all know that our GPS devices are the most important and essential pieces of equipment that a cacher uses,well lets face it if you dont have one you aint finding zip,but in todays world of technology and advances there are 2 main brands of GPS that stand proud....namely Garmin and Magellan,who comes out tops? and how do you rate you gps?

in other words which brand of GPS do the majority of caches use?and when is cheap too cheap and doesnt really serve my needs?????

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Whatever brand you use, a recreation grade GPSr takes you to the same spot, since the technology is all the same..

Bells and whistles cost you more, without any better precision nor accuracy.

I doubt if one would be willing to spend R250 000-00+ on a set of survey grade receivers, just for caching.... :rolleyes:


Me? I use my trusty Garmin III+


Then again, buy what you can afford, coz' going too cheap will only leave you wanting for more.

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The two main brands in SA are Garmin and Magellan. Garmin has wider distribution for most users, whereas Magellans are generally only really available from smaller specialist stores. Very few shops stock both brands. Last I heard there were 10 Garmin users for every Magellan user in SA.

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I had a Garmin GPS III+ but upgraded to a GPS V, but this was more due to auto routing. Nice to be able to drive anywhere in the major centres without having to worry about a road map book.


I also think another reason for a larger Garmin market share, is that most??? mapping software is either produced by Garmin or only works with Garmin products.

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It is a tough decision and the size of your wallet effects that decision tremendously. You must go for the best you can afford. So the first step is to determine what your budget is.


As far as the two different brands are concerned we agree with B&F - Garmin is more readily available in South Africa.

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Yeah, I think Garmin is more popular in SA than Magellan. The GPSMap 60 is available here, as well as its successors, the C and CS. My eTrex Venture has given me great service, but I really would like a bigger screen, colour and mapping capability, so I'm looking to upgrade to the 60C. Don't need a barometric altimeter to tell me when I'm high (hehe) and it chews batteries when it's on... perhaps vespa can comment on this? Shop around though, there are cheaper places than C.U.M. to buy your Garmin.

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