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Just Saying "hi"


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Ahoi everyone!!


I am a South African living in the states (for now) and my husband and I recently discovered geocaching and we are ADDICTED!! :huh:


I am so stoked to see that there is a SA forum. We are visiting SA next year and cannot wait to cache. My family all live around Durbanville so hopefully I can get them into geocaching as well :huh:


We just bought some travel bugs and hope that one will make it's way to SA!


Well, that's all..just wanted to say "hi"





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If we come to visit it will be for a good month! We got my mom into geocaching while she was visiting recently, so I know she will be down to cache..hahaha


Oh, AE_Rodney, I am in San Diego, CA. I see you are heading over soon? Which part of the states are you going? It is already snowing in Boston and getting cooler in the East coast, so make sure to bring a jacket and long johns.. :blink:


Here in Southern CA the weather is still nice...around 24C or so during the day. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the US.


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