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Rimrock Landing Resort Near Yakima

Team Red Oak

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Hi everyone-


My husband and I live in MD, but he is from WA. As a matter of fact his parents briefly owned RimRock Landing Resort on RimRock lake outside of Yakima in the late 1970's.


We are thinking of creating our first TB and we would like it to travel to RimRock Landing Resort and have its picture taken near the restaraunt or the boat slips (my husband helped his father build the first slips at the campground).


We've looked on the internet and have found pictures of the campground and the current owners are named Masters and the entrance sign says Masters Resorts.


My questions: If we have a TB whose goal is to go to RimRock Landing Resort and have its picture taken near the boat slips or restaraunt,


1) What do people call the place now? Is it still called RimRock Landing by the locals, or should I say the TB wants to go Masters Resort? (Off of Naches Highway)


2) Is the campground open to the public so anyone can go in there and hike around or whatever with out paying admission?


Thanks for helping us out.


Dawn, Team Red Oak

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Darn, I've been over that way several times in the past few weeks. Very pretty country. Here's a link that might answer a few of your questions if you haven't found this one. Masters Resort I can't give you much more info. as I haven't stayed there. Being that it's resort propery I would think the campground is only open to guests, but I doubt anyone would care. You could write the Masters and see what they have to say. Sorry I can't be more help. Good luck with your TB.

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That is the only web site I could find. The link on that site doesn't work. I found that web site by typing 'Rimrock landing resort' into Google. That was where I saw the sign that said Masters Resort.


The restaurant is open to anyone who wants to eat there, and there is a public boat ramp so the area must be open to the public in some capacity. You can even keep your boat docked there for a fee. So i guess I've answered one question myself.


My other question if anyone knows the answer is what is the campground resort actually called now? I found it on the internet by typing Rimrock landing, but if someone was lost and asked where Rimrock landing campground was would he be directed to the right place? Or should he ask for Masters Resort?


We have plenty of time to wait for an answer as we haven't even bought the TB dog tags yet. If I can't find a definate answer before we are ready to send the TB on its way we'll just make sure we cover all bases and give both possible names on the goal card we attach to the TB. I just wanted to have a simple goal card and not a novel.


Thanks to eveyone


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