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Tb Transport To The Usa


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Time to quickly implement the remove-all-caches-that-are-not-made-in-south-africa-and-of-people-who-can-not-beat-us-to-number-one method. MU HA HAHAHAHA.


Think that Sarah's Lost bear wanted to get there again. (it is in ummmm... Fort Skanskop) also that cricket dude from greengrass.j wanted to go there and lastly there was that parachuter guy that was at the event and I think is not in Durban.


OH. and not to forget the round the world in 80 day ppl.


Have a lekker trip.

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Caches that are easy for me to get to include:

-Urban Tag #1 (2nd best option)

-Pot of Gold

-Pierre van Reineveld (1st best option)

-Old Man Willow


-African Treasure

-Round About

-Konsentrasiekampkerkhof (3rd best option)

-and Bakwena


These caches are the easiest to get access too, with the shortest walk and also are mostly big enough to hold a few travel bugs. I've put in the ones that I think are the best to organise a pickup, obviously those caches nearby are just as good. We can also organise a meeting if that would be better.

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