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Geocoin Activation


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At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I have a few questions. I have been purchasing some coins, some to keep and other to put in caches. Do I activate the ones I am going to keep? For the ones I put in caches, do I activate them, or let the person that finds them activate them.


Thanks in advance


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I would think you would want to activate the coins you place in caches, so you're the owner and get the notifications when the move. As for coins you're keeping, it depends. I have some unactivated and some activated. The activated can be shared at events, so others can log them if they chose. The unactivated are strictly in my collection.

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I've seen a bunch of different ways this is done.


For your collection you can keep them all unactivated (as I do) because it's your personal collection. You also never know when you might want (need) to trade any of these coins and activated kills the collectability of them. I, personally, would be hesitant in trading for an activated coin. You never know if they own it, found it in a cache and kept it, or exaxtly how they came across it. Then again, I know several collectors who activate all their coins and let people log them at events.


As far as coins in caches go, if you're sending them out as TB's, absolutely activate them. I've even taken a non-trackable coin, drilled a hole in it and attached a TB tag to it. I'd like to make sure it stays a TB and doesn't end up in someones collection. If you are putting the coin in as a FTF prize, I would think unactivated would be they way I would do it. Although I believe Moun10bike activates all his coins whether they're put in caches or traded.

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