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Hallowe'en Resurrection - The Video


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A big big thankyou to Andybug, Ladybird, Ben, Dan, Rozey Bear and "Leslie Boggle" for the hugely enjoyable event this weekend.


If you were there, this will refresh your memory, and if you weren't, well look at what you missed!

I gather there was a little late night noise at the event :):huh: - by way of an apology, if anyone who attended would like a full quality DVD copy of the video, email me your postal address and I'll sort it out.

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The event was a waste of time and I disliked virtualy every single person who came. I quit geocaching...

Great video, loved the music on the conker segment.


As for Lesley, I thought we got rid of her for ever???


Maybe she is taking advantage of the hole in wall between life and death of Halloween??? :)


See ya...Gary

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Enjoyed the video muchly - Very well-chosen musical selection, including Bad Moon Rising (one of my particular favourites :huh:) - A great selection of costumes, including some very scary ones...as they all came through the door I noticed that a couple at the end of the line appeared to have dressed as geocachers! :) But I must say that IMO the highlight was the dexterity shown in folding the napkin into a chicken. (Was it meant to be a rubber one? B) )

Mrs B

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OOH how jealous I am. Had a ticket but gave it to Simply Paul (I felt sorry for him.)


In reality I had to go and do something I couldn't get out of and now wish I had completed the following week. Geocaching is not taking control of my life. No, really it isn't.


I see that a great time was had by one and all, and I'm suprised I didn't see Kerry in the Boo's tent. Or is that Booze tent :anibad: .

Another master bash I missed out on. I will make next years come hell or high water.


Hats off to Paul for another masterpiece. Got a nice lttle collection of geocaching vids in my library. Keep em coming. B)

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