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Czech Geocoin 2006

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So this is the final design :o :




According to the concern it looks like we will produce more then 1000 coins. As I wrote before, I will write here, when and where you will find the order form.

Stay tuned :P

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It does not matter how many times you tell them that you do not take preorders they are not reading from the top of this thread. I said the same thing and 5 plus pages later of I will take two, I stopped looking. You announced that you are going to make the coin so you are almost better off closing the topic until you are ready to put up another one that says coins are ready to be sold. The worst part that I have experienced is the emails from upset people who did not get my coin, they think because they posted it on the forum you need to contact them. For them to say I will take two is easy, for you to look through the forum listings and try to figure out who may want the coin is to much work.


If I ever sale a coin again :D I think what I will do is open a thread and post an initial announcment about the coin. Then have a link to a webpage that I can update at my leisure. A page that does not allow anyone to request coins or leave comments, this way you have less confusion.


No doubt that this coin will sale out in a few hours ;) .

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Two please.

As I wrote many times :D we do not take preorders. There will be a special order form on the internet. BTW it is needed to say, that the creator of this great design is Jan Bartovsky (geocaching nick Janb). ;)

You have to realize there are 2 types of people who post to a page like this - the first type reads the whole thread, understands there is no preorder, and posts their intention for wanting coins when they become available. They want you to know there is intrest in your coin. :D This is good when you are thinking about making 200 coins and you can see there is intrest in 1000 coins. The second type of person who posts only sees the title 'Czech Geocoin', they don't read any of the thread, and post they want '2 please'. :D


You've made the fact known that there are no preorders. The first type of person will watch this thread and will know when to go to your website to order. The second type of person doesn't have a clue of what is going on and won't know they've missed ordering until 3 months after the coins have been delivered. I hope most of the people are the first type and it's just a couple of people who are the second type. I wouldn't be surprised though, if it were the other way around.


Also, congratulations to Jan for an outstanding design.

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