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Calgary And Area Gps Stores

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Walmart, Canadian Tire, The Source (formerly Radio Shack) to name a few.  You might want to post your question in the Canadian section of the forums or on the Calgary Area Cachers forum.


BTW you'll not find better prices or service than GPS Central.

MEC also sells GPSrs.


But berr326, as I mentioned to your classroom GPS Central ( gpscentral.com ) is really the best place to go to in Calgary. Then have a retail front and great staff to help you with anything. Also, they sell geocaching supplies!!!

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I now of some one in Halifax that printed off a qoute from GPS Central and took it to Walmart for a Legend C. Walmart honoured their price match gaurantee.

If GpsCentral has the lowest price than why not buy from them? Why take their price and have it matched at the likes of Walmart or Crappy Tire. What have they done for geocaching that they deserve the business over a specialty shop that has a history of keeping prices very competitive and providing excellent customer service.


Sorry for straying off topic a bit but this type of thing really bugs me.



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Well I do all my purchasing from GPS Central, however for those who do not have a visa, or who do not want to pay postage or just can't wait until it arrives by post. It is a good alternative. Not everyone can shop online. It is good to have options.


And as the topic starter was asking for

Does anyone know if there are any gps stores other than GPS Central In Calgary?
They obviously are looking for an option outside of GPS Central.

Not sure of their reason nor is it my business to ask them. They wanted other options and I was offering them a solution.

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