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Rhino 120 Question?


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If you're using Garmin's Topo maps, I was under the impresstion that any map load would erase the previous set.


Do you have Garmin Topo? If so, load it up, and "rebuild" a map set without anything, and "send" that to the unit. Should override it and blank it out.


Don't have Garmin Topo, but are trying to load other map, probably Garmin City Select? Hmm.. that one's a bit harder. I would try master clearing the unit, but the Rino doesn't have a master reset, per se. It does have a "user data" clear. DISCLAIMER: I've never had to do this, so I've never tried it. It appears awkward to do.


WARNING: You'll lose any waypoints you have in the unit currently. If you want those, save those first.


Press in and hold the clickstick, press and hold the "page" key (the one below the "Talk" button on the side of the unit) and then hit the Power On button, then leggo all three.


In other words, hold the first two, then hit the Power On, then let go all three.


See if that works. I've never tried it, but that's how you do a user data reset. Worst case is you'll lose the waypoints in the unit. Or blow something up.


If you don't want to try the user reset, call Garmin and see if they can help you.

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You shouldn't have to do a master reset of the unit to load new maps. As part of the installation process of the new maps, it automatically deletes the old ones. There is no need to erase the maps already on the unit.


Are you sure you're loading a small enough map set? The 120 only has 8 megs of map memory, which isn't a lot (especially if you are using Metroguide or City Select in a major population center). When you are selecting your mapset on your PC, look in the lower lefthand corner of the screen. It will tell you the size of the mapset you've selected. If you are going over 8 megs, you will have to unselect some blocks.

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