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You don't say which software tool you are using to extract and store the tracks.


I'm a Garmin person myself, and it works fine for me when:


(1) Tracks are dumped from GPS to PC, and saved in .GPX format.


(2) GPX file opened directly in GE. Interestingly, this displays the "track" as a line, but not any points along it. Just the line.


I'm pretty sure that the GPX file must show the correct attribute of a track, for this to work as you want it to...


   <bounds maxlat="54.215169" maxlon="-5.893478" minlat="54.192209" minlon="-5.911245"/>

   <name>ACTIVE LOG</name>
     <trkpt lat="54.205663" lon="-5.893929">
     <trkpt lat="54.205642" lon="-5.893950">
     <trkpt lat="54.205513" lon="-5.894508">
     <trkpt lat="54.205363" 


... and so on.



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