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Rubber Sides


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I've read quite a few threads where people have experienced the failure of the glue holding the rubber edging on the Etrexs...some have got have garmin to replace the unit, others have suggested fixes. Anyone had (longterm) experience with such a homegrown fix..what glue did they use??



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I haven't seen this on an eTrex myself, but I've had great success bonding different materials together using standard two-part epoxy over the years. Available at most all hardware stores/large borg-type stores (home depot, lowes, etc).


I'd be a tad afraid of using superglue, might melt the plastic a bit before setting.

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  When the rubber on my yellow eTrex came off, I first tried Shoe Goo.  This rubber turns out to be the only thing I've ever found to which Shoe Goo doesn't seem to stick.  It even sticks to Teflon, but not to this.


  After that, I tried plain old RTV silicone rubber.  This worked very well, and more than a year and a half later, the rubber on my eTrex shows no hints of wanting to come off again.


  Based on this experience, I recommend plain old silicone rubber for gluing the rubber strip back on any eTrex, series GPS.

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