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White Jeep To Be Set Free In The Uk.


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I think that Stonefisk has a real blue one that he goes everywhere in, a real off roader enthusiast that's for sure. Trying to find some of his caches since we swopped the Maverick for a Fiesta can be quite daunting!! Power to the White and Yellow!

I think I read somewhere that there is ancient law along the lines "Thou shalt not call ye Landrover a Jeep or ye suffer paine offe death"


Blue ? BLUE ? Nato Green or Nato Black depending on what tin of paint I "cleaned" the LANDROVER with that month.


Where's the Landrover Bugs ?

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Anyone here friendly with the Landrover Corp?

Actually I know the head of marketing for Land Rover UK and (until he changed job a couple of months ago) also the head of marketing for Guinness. You meet all sorts of people dressed up as a Roundhead, you know! <_<


Next time I see them, I will be sure to mention it.

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Brrrrrrrrmm! Brrrrrrrrrmmmmmm!


Hush now 'Esmond', I'm trying to tell everyone about our plans for the weekend. I know as a White Jeep, you're just itching to get out in the wilds again but you'll have to be patient. It won't be long 'till Saturday and we'll let you loose again, just be patient. I'll bet our fellow cachers are filling their tanks and making their sandwiches, in preparation for a Sunday morning showdown.


Come on back in the garage with you...



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Could of sworn it was blue in the picture last year when you found the bit of tank tracking and were chuffed to bits. Incidentally is it IR Nato Green and Black? Must try your Cherhill Wood sometime, yet another off road Wiltshire By-Way. Still power to the Jeeps and Landrovers. Come on Ali asked Cromwell if he would sponsor 100 Landrover TB's for us 'Brits'!! :lol::ph34r:

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why having a White Jeep in your possesion means it HAS to be placed in a 5/5

It doesn't have to be.... I just chose to :mad:


If anyone really needs a white Jeep icon, there are plenty at most events.

Fair enough comment Stu. But not everyone attends meets.


If you look at most movements of white jeeps in the devon area, they invairably end up in a 5/5 or mystery. Which a lot of the more casual cachers dont bother with or cannot do. Just seems to me that it is keeping the jeep in a more select group.


The Jeep I retrieved from Wiltshire was just a standard offset which anyone could find and indeed produced a good race between myself and Kittyhawk. However putting them in the more difficult caches all the while is stopping cachers that either cannot decypher codes etc, or go down cliffs/caves from finding them.


And this is not a go at any one person in particular more a general request to give less able cachers a chance to find them.

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surely such a special tb or special coin deserves to be placed somewhere equally special if you really want it you`ll make the effort to get it.

If you can`t mange it by yourself you can always team up with another cacher who is able.This is one way to meet more fellow cachers

But TB's are put out to travel from cache to cache so why put them in caches that may not be visited so often as Fellsmanhiker has as in above post (and this isnt a go at him). If its put in the easier caches it travels further and more cachers get to grab it and get the icon.

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surely such a special tb or special coin deserves to be placed somewhere equally special

I agree with the statement, but far to often special is being equated to difficult.

Glad to see that the one on the loose in S. Wales is going to caches that are special because people enjoyed them, rather than being too difficult for 95% of cachers.


Each to his/her own though.

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